Gearbox talks next Brothers in Arms

CEO Randy Pitchford pledges series will return sometime in the future; Furious 4 "winning on its own merits."


The Brothers in Arms series will live to fight another day, though that day could be far in the future. Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford told IGN that he's "really excited" about the next entry in the series, but made clear the game is only in pre-production and is a ways off.

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"We love Brothers in Arms. The other pledge is that there will be an authentic Brothers in Arms game," Pitchford said. Again, we haven’t announced that yet, but I’m really excited about where that’s going too. We’ll announce these things in due course. There’s a lot of neat things we have going on."

Pitchford said he will hold off on making an official announcement on the next Brothers in Arms game until the time is appropriate.

"When you’re in pre-production and you're in these iterations, it’s kind of reckless. I don't want to get in a spot. I want to avoid a situation where, five years from now it’s 'wow, this game's been in development for five years.' That’s why I don’t announce things until we know what they are," he added. "It’s not fair to hold us accountable for a process that’s designed to get to a quality end that's good for the customer. We love Brothers in Arms and we’re committed to more time in that space. As we get to places where it makes sense to announce things in that regard, we’ll do that, too."

Pitchford also opened up on the game formerly known as Brothers in Arms: Furious 4. This game was announced during the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo, but Gearbox later revealed it would be reimagined as an entirely new intellectual property. He said Gearbox started development on the game with the intention of making a Brothers in Arms game, but after it kept evolving, it became evident that it was not in fact a Brothers in Arms game.

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"It was winning on its own merits, but it was not Brothers in Arms," Pitchford said. I said 'look, unhinge it from Brothers in Arms. Continue to drive and iterate even further. Focus on what is making that work and what ideals are leading you there.' It’s the same kind philosophy that allowed things like Borderlands to exist. Forget about Brothers in Arms. Ignore it. Don't worry about it. That doesn't exist to you guys anymore. Just iterate into your own world with the gameplay loops that are working, and then we will reattach story and style in a way that's meaningful and makes sense for the game design that’s winning."

Pitchford also revealed that Gearbox and longtime Brothers in Arms publisher Ubisoft have not yet agreed to a publishing deal for the new entry, though the two remain on positive terms. He also said that Ubisoft "will not" publish the game Furious 4 has become, without citing a reason.

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Avatar image for foodrules

Brothers in Arms was probably my favourite video game series when I was younger. Really hope they bring back Baker's story someday, although the chances are looking slimmer and slimmer now...

Avatar image for suko1983

Come on! Release a new Brothers in Arms, I'm tired of crapy modern FPS, you can kill a guy from across the map, the real war was WWII.

Avatar image for gamingfrendly

**** you gearbox

Avatar image for bannermanner

Wonder if they're going to outsource it and work on Borderlands instead, which is what they've been doing (according to them) since Duke Nukem Forever.

Avatar image for PublicNuisance

As long as it doesn't suck then release dates are of no concern.

Avatar image for Elann2008

See you guys in 6 years!

Avatar image for hystavito

Hopefully they don't just make one that ends up being a generic arcade shooter.

Avatar image for Sorciere_basic

Maybe Pitchford can iterate a new reputation becuse it smells like shit.

Avatar image for godzillavskong

BIA series is awesome! I loved the last iteration.

Avatar image for Gblazer01

I miss BIA games :'( Bring it back sooonnnnnnnnnnnn

Avatar image for momo4070

i don't give a **** , what ubisoft do , i just want know what mat baker in Berlin !!!! plz hurry the **** up ?!?!?!

Avatar image for mikees1

Lets have a BIA game about the British army in Europe. After all we did far more of the fighting in Europe, the middle east and Africa. And we were doing it two years prior to the tanks deciding if they were going to join the war or not. And how many non Americans are getting sick of playing an American protagonist and there wrongful belief of being Europes saviour?

Avatar image for Lei_11

I look back fondly to hidden & dangerous 1, thinking "man..that setting and admosphere was great, perhaps this game will be like it". *checks out trailer* ..........I am a fool.

Avatar image for M-S-M-S

The last Brothers in Arms game was mediocre compared to the previous installments. I hope they'll do better with the next game in the series.

Avatar image for joedemadio

The next game will be Brothers in Arms: Battle of the Bulge check it out on my channel: Joedemadio

Avatar image for necronomicon_02


Avatar image for WesStone501

how about you guys over at gamespot ask him why aliens sucked? I have lost some faith in gearbox games.

Avatar image for moxyz1

Randy talks a good game lol, the last brothers in arms was in developement for sooooo long and dropped somethings as well by the time it was finally out i seem to remember. Not that it was bad tho and i liked it unlike Duke and ACM wich are a joke imo.

Avatar image for corte005

Just stop, ya guys F'd up Colonial marines and even lied about making the game. Who are you gonna outsource this game to?

Avatar image for datbush

After reading that devs comments on aliens CM and how pitchford lied (again), I have to say....pitchford is full of crap. I'm willing to bet the next real BIA will be more dumbed down and casualised then hells highway was.

Avatar image for vicrysty

This isgood news.I reallymissplaying gameswith the actioninWWII.

Avatar image for valium88

Hell's Highway was a shame of a game. Even if this turns out better, WWII-Shooters are old imo. Wanna do something really cool with WWII? Make an action open-world RPG and add some strategic elements in that. Kind of like the Saboteur but on a much larger scale, and in the field. Start out as a private in a squad and rank up as part of the leveling, get assignments and progress as you see fit. That's a WWII game I would play.

Avatar image for SEEDman_X

Brothers in Arms was really good and unique due to its focuse on tactic and teamwork. I know this is just a teaser, but I really hope that they won't try to emulate other shooters.

Avatar image for Yodake

I hope its better then his previews one. That was awful

Avatar image for Carpetfluff

Sadly, twice bitten and now very very shy, is how any of Randy's enthusiastic claims make me. Borderlands proves the core in-house team can make a decent game, but things just keep going wrong...especially with all the out-sourcing.

Avatar image for The_Gaming_Baby

The original Brothers in Arms was such a fantastic experience

Avatar image for pacheco03

I just don't get why they have to use the Brothers in Arms name in this Furius 4. Just call it Furius 4. This can potencially brand the Brothers in Arms as a series of silly shooters.

Avatar image for Winchester01

I'm more excited about Furious 4 than this.

Avatar image for AlexFili

I enjoyed the old Xbox games but they will struggle compared to Call of Duty, just like Medal of Honor did.

Avatar image for DarthLod

Stick to Borderlands, something you actually do well.

Avatar image for garysuperman

Here's hoping it turns out like borderlands, instead of aliens or duke nukem. i'll be optimistic for once about gearbox

Avatar image for realiamnot

@Suikogaiden I think there should be a game that the main focus is vietnam, we haven't had an actual 'good' game in that period yet. But a new WW2 shooter would be nice also, modern war games suck with all the futuristic weapons.

Avatar image for realiamnot

I've been looking forward to the next chapter in the brothers in arms series for ages, where I do welcome a new idea for a new game I just wish they would've thought of that after the next brothers in arms.

Avatar image for zombiewarrior07

Any chance we could see a battle of the bulge BIA? That would be sweet.

Avatar image for felixvarela07

Randy will you shut up already ijust got aliens colonial marines and this game is an embarrasment to the franchise,first you destroyed duke nukem now aliens.You hype up games to ripp people off you should get fired or something.Stop doing so much talking and produce something that resembles a decent game.

Avatar image for deactivated-5962a4d2614f8

People complaining should take out your concerns with Gearbox financial documents and then ask them if they give a **** about your opinions. Leave Randy alone, he is just a CEO.

Avatar image for BuBsay

Good lord, It'd be interesting to go back in time 10 years and tell the gamers of yesteryear that people are clamoring and hoping that another WWII shooter will finally come out again.

Avatar image for vaillant085

the last game completely gutted the series. period

Avatar image for vaillant085

the last one was garbage, the mp was garbage also, no more assault orders, no more classic 2 vs 2 that made this game in the first place. so go f--- yourself pitchfork you destroyed my favorite game. if you got any balls youll go back to what made it stand out : 2 vs 2 and assault orders!!!!!!! not fucking grenade throws you dumb ass

Avatar image for Hortey

I liked the BiA series... it's very odd to see a free flowing tac shooter like that was. I mean, outside of games like red orchestra... how many times have you seen a WW2 game where you control a squad tactically, have suppression, flanking, and get to choose how the level plays? How many ww2 games on console have that at all? How many shooters from any era on console let you control a squad like that? GRFS and OFP are probably the closest but GRFS only lets you select target now while they follow you around and OFP games are no longer in production. I'd like to see what they do with BiA style of game (since the next one will be next gen) with powerful hardware. My only gripe with the recent ones has been they are still fairly linear in a lot of areas.

Avatar image for steelmouth

I dont know about other Brothers in Arms games but i have played Hell's High way and boy was i not impressed, the graphics were horrible, fights/action very dull and i still dont get the story line, the only thing that kept me playing was to see the credits at the end.

Yes i dont get the story line of plenty games and thats ok if the action is good and keep me too engaged to notice the subpar story

Avatar image for wavelength121

The first one was the best. They got increasingly worse after that. I can only replay the same stupid battles from a different perspective so many times before it gets redundant. Should have left it at a single title.

Avatar image for happyemonathan

About time gearbox got back to the brothers in arms series.
I felt like punching Randy for showing us furious 4 and then calling it a brothers in arms game. Don't get me wrong i think that game could be good but it would be such a huge leap from the brothers in arms franchise that i think it would put off a lot of the old fans (I would be finding myself guilty here) and I'm glad it's taking on its own IP.

Looking forward to getting back into the Brothers in Arms story and hoping that everything gets wrapped up nicely for our boys. Now please excuse me while i go and rejoice with a jovial dance in my backyard.

Avatar image for foxrock66

YES oh god yes please!

I loved Hell's Highway so much, I am itching to continue the story

Avatar image for jeffrobin

I haven't read all the comments so don't know if any one got in before me but 5 YEARS!. That was the thing that stuck out to me in the whole article. Now you could argue that it was just a number he was throwing out but why didn't he pick 1 year or 2. Sounds like they having even started thinking about it.

Pitchford talks about loving BIA but I'm not feeling it in this article.

Avatar image for tommygun6644

It's Bastogne time.

Avatar image for interrasteral7

Gearbox Software, when will you gals and guys develop a better Duke Nukem video game?

Avatar image for ponorac92