Gearbox Shares New Gorgeous Godfall PS5 Cinematic Trailer

The latest Godfall cinematic trailer sets the stage for a face-off between Macros and Orin.


As Godfall's November 12 launch date for PlayStation 5 inches closer, publisher Gearbox Software shared a new cinematic trailer for the game filled with betrayal and disillusionment. (You can also read our early Godfall review impressions now.)

The cinematic trailer, embedded below, features a monologue by some gruff-voiced warrior named Orin. It seems Orin and some former comrade-in-arms, Macros, ended up turning on each other in an effort to end some unnamed war. It ends with a grand face-off between Macros and Orin in some cathedral tower, with Macros coming out the victor after tossing Orin off the cliff face.

During the climactic fight, Macros and Orin swap between a variety of weapons. An August 2020 PS5 gameplay overview revealed that there are five weapon-types in total: Longswords, Dual Blades, Polearms, two-handed Warhammers, and two-handed Greatswords.

Godfall, which Gearbox is calling a "looter-slasher," will drop on PlayStation 5 as a launch title for $70. Check out our Godfall preorder guide to learn about the bonuses you get for buying early.

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