Gearbox confirms 'War Hero' IP

After trademarking "World War II Hero," "Brother In Arms War Hero," and "Modern War Hero," Texan studio confirms new project could arrive post-Borderlands and Colonial Marines.


Aliens: Colonial Marines

Currently, most game titles ending in the word "hero" concern playing a plastic instrument. However, that may soon change, as Gearbox Software has trademarked a series of "Hero"-suffixed titles, which in all likelihood won't involve big rock finishes or five-finger hammer-downs.


The game-info amalgamator blog Superannuation has uncovered not one, but four titles Gearbox has registered with the US Trademark and Patent office: "World War II Hero," "War Hero," "Brothers In Arms War Hero," and "Modern War Hero." The quartet of titles were all filed on June 18, and cover use of the names in "computer game programs and computer game software."

Gearbox is already plenty busy putting the finishing touches on its sci-fi action role-playing game Borderlands (seen below) and still developing Aliens: Colonial Marines. However, the Texan studio's CEO, Randy Pitchford, took the time to plug the new project to GameSpot.

"The news of the Gearbox Software 'War Hero' related trademarks exposes a bit about our interests in the development of another original intellectual property. As people following gaming news know, Gearbox is really motivated right now to take some bold risks and do exciting new things that no one has ever seen before, such as Borderlands. War Hero is something down the road for us-- it's not signed with a publishing partner yet as we haven't even talked to any potential partners about it. So we’re certainly not ready to talk about it publicly at the moment."

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