Gearbox CEO talks next-gen

Randy Pitchford confirms Texas studio has a "few things going" for future platforms, says "more power is always better."


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Next-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony remain unannounced and mysterious, but that hasn't stopped Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford from addressing them. Speaking to Gamasutra in a new interview, the executive confirmed the studio has projects ongoing for future-generation platforms.

Pitchford says Gearbox is gearing up for next-gen.
Pitchford says Gearbox is gearing up for next-gen.

"We've got a few things going on right now that we haven't talked about but that will appear later," Pitchford said.

Elaborating further, Pitchford explained that he is enthusiastic for the next wave of consoles to arrive for a multitude of reasons.

"I'm always excited by movement forward," he said.. "Some of that comes from iteration with our software, and some of it comes from iteration with hardware, and some of it comes from invention...each new step kind of gives us new tools and new capabilities that always makes the entertainment better, if we use it right."

It has been suggested that the next wave of consoles will offer significantly increased power over current-generation platforms, with Remedy last week calling such advancements a "quantum leap." Pitchford alluded to the increased power capabilities of future platforms, saying, "More power is always better. There's always things we can do that we cannot do today that we can do with more power."

Lastly, Pitchford said he is wary of "temporary gimmicks" in the next generation of platforms.

"Different people make different stabs. Some of these stabs folks make become standards," he said. "I don’t like getting behind gimmicks. I tend to like the things that feel like they can become standards, or steps towards standards."

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