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GDC Award nominees swarm The HotSpot

GameSpot cobbles together its own "Best of" panels, featuring the minds behind Portal 2, Bastion, Dead Space 2, Uncharted 3, and more.

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Here's the pitch: The 2012 Game Developers Conference promises to bring some 20,000 industry professionals to the Bay Area for five days of extended learning and networking. The show also plays home to the 12th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards and 14th Annual Indie Games Festival, which will honor the best games of 2011 across a variety of categories.

So if the people who made the best games of last year are all going to be in town, why not hole some of them up in a room for an hour to talk shop? Yeah, we thought it was a pretty good idea too.

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Here's a near-final list of scheduled HotSpot panels and their participants. Check back with this page for the latest sessions as they're made available. Shows are scheduled to go live at 6 p.m. PST on their day of recording.

Best Audio Design - Tuesday, March 6
Bastion - Darren Korb (Supergiant)
Dead Space 2 - J White (EA Visceral)
Little Big Planet 2 - Kenny Young (Media Molecule)

Best Visual Arts - Wednesday, March 7
Uncharted 3 - Keith Guerrette (Naughty Dog)
Mirage (IGF Finalist) - Mario von Rickenbach

Best Game Design - Thursday, March 8
Batman: Arkham City - Ian Ball (Rocksteady) Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Frank Lapikas (Eidos Montreal)

Best Narrative Design - Friday, March 9
Portal 2 - Erik Wolpaw and Chet Falisek (Valve)
Bastion - Greg Kasavin (Supergiant)
Saints Row: The Third - Steve Jaros (Volition)

Indie Game Festival - Monday, March 12
Johann Sebastian Joust - Doug Wilson (Die Gute Fabrik)
Frozen Synapse - Paul Taylor and Ian Hardingham (Mode 7)
SpaceChem - Zach Barth (Zachtronics Industries)

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