GDC Attendees Allegedly Abused, Assaulted, And Drugged At Conference

Multiple GDC attendees have described a climate of abuse at the event, with allegations of drink-spiking, harassment, and assault.

Several game developers attending GDC 2023 have reported concerning and illegal behavior at the conference on social media. The allegations include drink-spiking, harassment, and assault.

On Twitter, game developer Leena dan Deventer said that women at GDC were "belittled and undermined," harassed, and roofied. "Two women were even lured up to a hotel room by a man in a position of power for a 'pitch', where he then assaulted them," they said.

These allegations were echoed by gaming PR figure Guy Blomberg, who helped organize a karaoke event where the drink-spiking reportedly took place. "I'm furious this not only happened, but that it tends to happen so frequently that it's become almost commonplace," they said.

GDC as a conference has become so known for alleged predatory behavior (especially the drink-spiking) that femme-presenting developers warn their colleagues about it every year. Last year, a Women In Gaming International event sponsored by Activision Blizzard was described as a "men's preying ground" by one attendee.

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