GDC 2009: FFIV: The After Years, My Life as a Darklord journey to WiiWare

Square Enix reveals two original titles for Nintendo's downloadable shop coming in 2009; original Final Fantasy scheduled for Virtual Console.


SAN FRANCISCO--At the tail end of February, the Entertainment Software Rating Board leaked mention of Square Enix's latest Final Fantasy title headed to North American shores, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Today, as part of Satoru Iwata's Game Developers Conference keynote address, Nintendo officially confirmed that The After Years will join Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord on the Wii's original game-download service, WiiWare, this year.

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Released in Japan for mobile phones in February 2008, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years continues the storyline first established in the highly acclaimed role-playing game originally released for the Super NES in 1991. The After Years will follow the travails of Ceodore, the son of original protagonists Cecil and Rosa. Square Enix didn't delve into the particulars of the storyline, only saying that Ceodore will cross tracks with a number of returning characters from the original FFIV.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord offers a different perspective than My Life as a King, which launched alongside Nintendo's WiiWare channel in May 2008. As the title indicates, players assume the role of the daughter of a nefarious overlord, strategically laying all manner of traps as she attempts to thwart the noble pursuits of adventurers attempting to steal the coveted Dark Crystal.

Along with the new titles, Square Enix announced that the original Final Fantasy, first released in Japan in 1987, will be added to the Wii's Virtual Console library. The title is expected to launch in Japan in May 2009, with a North American rollout slated for later in the year. During his GDC keynote address, Iwata indicated that Final Fantasy IV will also be released for the Virtual Console in the future.

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Avatar image for drknessfeeds

This is cool but...Wheres the love for Final Fantasy 7?

Avatar image for Mr_Unko

i know this is a longshot, but i hope FFIV: TAY comes out on GBA! haha

Avatar image for tengen23

CharlieFubar: agreed.

Avatar image for Rikufan

Cant wait to play this

Avatar image for Nexeus

after years sounds fun

Avatar image for x_Allan_x

All my email to square enix asking them to release FF1 to the VC must have been read. lol. :)

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cross your fingers for a dating sim-rts-action platfomer

Avatar image for noamatt128

I wonder what gimmicky twist in gonna be thrown in and surprise us all

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:) and YaSealed: I do :P

Avatar image for YaSealedWeh

who cares about re-released ff1, it's been re-released at least five time already

Avatar image for CharlieFubar

why does nintendo get most the love from SE? And just to make it clear... FF4 was PERFECT, and this WILL screw it up.

Avatar image for jttucker13

Woo Hoo! I can play the original and not spend a mint on E-bay! I can't wait.

Avatar image for MarioLinkGenofa

...YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait I need sum wii points!!

Avatar image for mesc420

Nice... now when are they releasing Chrono Trigger on the VC?! :P

Avatar image for Dualmask

The FFIV sequel might be the first WiiWare game I buy. The original was my favorite FF game of all time until VI came out, which then got knocked down by VIII...ah, I love Final Fantasy. I don't care what system it's on, I'll find a way to play their latest stuff.

Avatar image for wahyudil

why don't they remake FF for wii rather than put them in VC ....

Avatar image for flyingteddy

these side-series games are never up to the standard of the main series, for me at best they serve as a distraction.

Avatar image for Valen_Ca

Now that the After Years are coming hopefully the will put out the original NA releases of the older FF games on the VC, I am not counting on them doing that, but it would be nice.

Avatar image for KoruKinshi

I'm listening... *eyes the Square part of Squeenix menacingly*

Avatar image for Zangetsu11

nurse_tsunami- Time spent playing Final Fantasy is never wasted time. I would also like to see the older FF's released on the wii, especially I&II

Avatar image for nurse_tsunami

I am curious if they will continue the trend of releasing older FF's onto the VC. I thought I read that Japan is getting FFI-FFV on their Wii's. I suppose if sales do well here on 1 and 4, the other 3 will be released here on the VC as well. I know it would likely never happen, but my sincere hope is for FFVII to be released again either on the Wii or elsewhere. So much time wasted playing that game..... :D

Avatar image for hatieshorrer

I wonder if all these Final Fantasy games released on Wii will eventually lead to some big Final Fantasy game that will be on multiple disks.

Avatar image for just_nonplussed

those are possibly some of the worst subtitles to a game i've ever heard.... 'my life as a darklord' is hilarious, and 'the after years' is such a bad title that it actually sounds like it was literally translated from japanese, instead of being changed to suit the english language.

Avatar image for ropumar

Amazing 3rd party support for wii. WOW

Avatar image for star77241

How does "My Life as a Darklord" indicate you play as the daughter?? It doesn't. It still sounds interesting but I guarantee some people will be disappointed unless they can switch to a male character. I don't care either way, my favorite series to play is the Metroid series.

Avatar image for HOMIE_G64

Definitely not, Mr. Final Fantasy. I recently got to playing FFIX that I randomly found one day (I had forgotten I had it) and I got hooked. Now, I'm off to buy a PS2 and I'm going to catch up on a series that I regret not getting serious in before. FFIV and the original FF for the Wii sounds great, and I'm probably going to get that. And I HOPE that they take as long as they need to. The reason a lot of blockbuster games these days suck is because they rush the game to appease the rabid fans who cannot understand that it takes time to make a game good. I'd rather they take until 2010 if they had to, just to make FFXIII a good game (which I will probably be looking forward to on a 360). I'd be sorely disappointed if they broke under the pressure and released a half-assed game.

Avatar image for jrabbit99

This might make me get a Wii

Avatar image for samhellbringer

The title kinda makes it sound like an April Fool's joke.

Avatar image for MrFinalFantasy

okay. Square Enix is Milking a dead cow. Officially. people are looking forward to Final Fantasy XIII. maybe its good that they're doing such thingys as expanding the titles but. i don't think they can afford to delay FFXIII anymore. if only the news of FFXIII is released NOW instead of YEARS ago. that'll be better. Hype don't die as easily as it does now.

Avatar image for jeffokiecorry2

Kind of glad to get the original Final Fantasy. All the remakes are...fine, but just not the same. Marsh cave...destroy me once more. The After sounds good too. I am a retro man and I really want to give this one a go.

Avatar image for supa_badman

LOL. no....

Avatar image for Alex_Masterson

Just to clarify for some of the earlier posters, it says that FFI and FFIV will be on the Virtual Console and are not remakes. FFIV: The After Years is the one on WiiWare.

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Remake FF7! (sorry, I know it isn't related but I just hope SE might see it).

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The FFIV sequel sounds awesome!!!!!

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LOL more liek My Life As A Barbie m i rite

Avatar image for frankfurter209

Who cares?

Avatar image for glowinghyren

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for Generic_Dude

Ugh, if it wasn't for all of Square Enix's shovelware spinoffs, Final Fantasy XIII would've been released two years ago.

Avatar image for Spanky42

I wish it wasn't coming for the WiiWare, having no credit card, I'll have no way of getting it. Ummm yea sure if you are to lazy to go to the store and pick up a nintendo point card to get virtual concole games. no credit required so stop complaining that you can't get it unless you don't happen to have a wii or no internet. lol. :)

Avatar image for sonicare

Just hope it doesn't end up like the only other FF sequel - FF X-2.

Avatar image for siLVURcross

I'm curious what the sequel for FF4 will be like. As for as I know, it was released first as a mobile phone game, I wonder how the transition will work, will it be 3D? Or will it look like old 8-bit? Either way, I wish it wasn't coming for the WiiWare, having no credit card, I'll have no way of getting it.

Avatar image for Marcster1994

I cant wait to become a Darklord!!

Avatar image for isaacmj

nice, no FF has really convinced me since FF9 so let's see how a retro one comes out

Avatar image for raahsnavj

This FF IV sequel is something I will end up getting... I've been wanting sequels to the good FF's for a while now.

Avatar image for LoserMike

"djmillard2 Posted Mar 25, 2009 12:35 pm PT mobile phone game = fail?" Welcome to 2 years ago man. You're behind the times. iPhone is now the new gaming system to go to. Phones in Japan are 5 years ahead of what they are in the US. FF4: After Years graphics are as good as the SNES's and probably could've looked better if Square wasn't going for the nostalgic look.

Avatar image for BLAZEXIII

even though they are dated they are still classics....ill be downloading them as soon as their available.....still...its hard to play through them now knowing theirs so many awsome games out for current consoles...does anyone still play old school games anymore besides me??

Avatar image for jordis5


Avatar image for djmillard2

mobile phone game = fail?

Avatar image for OrianaDorta

Nice! :D

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