GDC 07: Three Rings announces new Whirled

Bang! Howdy maker moves in on Second Life territory with new virtual world.


SAN FRANCISCO--Independent developer Three Rings has announced a new online world, called Whirled (get it?). Its latest project will focus on "games and player-created content," and players can chat, create avatars, decorate rooms, and play online games.

Much like the existing online world of Second Life, Whirled's allows creators to sell their custom avatars and in-game objects like furniture and pets. Other users will then be able to buy items using in-game money from a catalog, which can be translated into real-world cash. Players are also encouraged to create their own Flash games and put them up for sale. Playing the game itself will be free.

Three Rings CEO Daniel James commented, "Using Flash opens up Whirled creation to the vast number of skilled Flash artists and developers. We're excited to see what in the Whirled people make!"

The company will also be placing their own multiplayer games in the virtual world, including Chiyogami Dance Battle, a "dance-off game," and Underwhirled Drift, a go-kart racing game. Whirled has started the alpha testing phase and will be launched to the public later this year.

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