GDC 06: Loco Roco confirmed for global release

Sony's cute ball-rolling game set to roll around the world this summer on Sony's handheld; more details expected soon.


SAN JOSE, Calif.--As part of Phil Harrison's keynote address at the 2006 Game Devleopers Conference, Sony has confirmed that Loco Roco, the 2D ball-rolling game that some have likened to a 2D take on Katamari Damacy, will be coming to the US and Europe as part of the game's worldwide release this summer.

The game was first shown to the public at the Tokyo Game Show 2005 last September. Loco Roco revolves around what can only be described as an orange blob with a voracious appetite. Using the handheld's triggers, gamers tilt the screen back and forth in order to progress through levels.

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