GDC 06: Iwata tells devs to "think differently"

Nintendo president offers tools "to disrupt traditional methods of game creation" in keynote speech.


SAN JOSE, Calif.--When it was announced that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata would be delivering a keynote speech at the Game Developers Conference this year, the event's organizers said he would "inspire developers to take risks and mine the depths of their imaginations to create innovative games regardless of the size of teams or budgets."

Sure enough, Iwata used his keynote address today to challenge the assembled crowd of developers, asking them to rethink the way they develop games, adding that Nintendo would provide the tools to help them do just that.

One such tool Nintendo is introducing is the motion-sensitive controller of the company's forthcoming console (which the company says is still just code-named Revolution). The controller is intended to let developers make new kinds of games that enrich the playing experience for hardcore gamers and make the whole hobby less intimidating to newcomers.

"This new approach is like stepping onto an unexplored continent for the first time, with all the potential for discovery that suggests," Iwata said. "No one else can match the environment we're creating for expanding the game experience to everyone. Our path is not linear, but dynamic."

In a statement issued alongside Iwata's speech, Nintendo also said, "The new forms of innovative software that can be created by any size developer will be made available for download via Revolution's Virtual Console service." At the very least, it seems that in addition to retro rereleases from classic consoles, Nintendo is looking to offer smaller, downloadable games through the Revolution, perhaps similar to those found in the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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