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GCX Charity Event Raises More Than $6 Million For St. Jude's Children's Hospital

Florida-based gaming event GCX has thus far raised over $6 million in a special charity event for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.


Over the last several weeks, the Florida-based gaming event GCX has been hosting gaming livestream marathons on several different platforms, including Facebook, Mixer, and Twitch. All donations go toward St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and thus far, organizers have raised more than $6 million.

The majority of that money has come from Twitch donations since June 14, and they wrap up today. From June 12 through June 14, they took place on Mixer, and were held on Facebook from June 5 through June 7. Segments have included big-name streamers and creators such as Greg Miller, CohhCarnage, and DrLupo, and Bungie even had its own segment on June 18.

Because it could not move forward with an in-person event like it typically does, GCX is also selling tickets to a 2021 event in Orlando. Provided the pandemic is under control by then, this will feature game developers, streamers, artists, and fans who can celebrate gaming together while they raise money for charity.

Another large gaming charity event, Summer Games Done Quick, was recently forced to cancel its on-site event in favor of a fully online charity drive. Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Online will take place from August 16 through August 23, and it will benefit Doctors Without Borders.

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