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GC '07: Sony looks at switching on Play TV globally

SCEE president David Reeves tells GameSpot that the company is currently in worldwide negotiations to expand Play TV's reach.


LEIPZIG, Germany--One of the biggest announcements of this year's Games Convention at Leipzig was Sony's Play TV. The new service will be launched in the UK and Ireland in 2008 and will allow users to turn the PlayStation 3 into a video recorder with access to digital TV broadcasts.

Play TV users will also be able to use the service on the PlayStation Portable via a wireless or broadband Internet connection. In addition, PSP users will be able to download pay-per-view movies and other content by plugging into a USB connection on a computer in conjunction with Sky TV. The news was exciting for UK PS3 and PSP owners, but Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president David Reeves made no mention at the time of the announcement about whether the company would be extending this service outside of these countries.

However, David Reeves has since confirmed to GameSpot in an interview that Sony is currently in talks with various companies to bring the service to other regions. Preempting our reporter, he said, "Your next question might well be, well, what are you going to do outside UK and Ireland? And yes, we're talking to other content aggregators in other countries in order to do the same service on PSP."

For more from Reeves, check out GameSpot's full interview with David Reeves.

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