GBC Picks Up Four More

Four Mindscape games to appear on Game Boy Color in '99.


Hordes of developers and publishers are jumping on the Game Boy Color bandwagon; Mindscape is the latest to join that lineup. Mindscape's popular Chessmaster title is out now in black and white for the Game Boy Pocket, but the title will also be available for the Game Boy Color in April 1999. This version will include a training mode, 16 levels from beginner to grandmaster you can take on once you know what you're doing, three additional modes for veteran chess players: blindfold games, timed chess, and Open Book Library, a replay mode and a two-player mode via link cable on standard Game Boy systems, or with two Game Game Color units.

Another well-received Mindscape title, 2D action/adventure game Prince of Persia will also make an appearance on the Game Boy Color in April. The game will take place in 12th Century Persia, where you are on a mission to rescue the princess by getting through 13 levels of solving puzzles, working through mazes, sword battle - the usual PoP fare. In this version, however, you'll find Game Boy Color exclusive levels and enemies. The title will be backward compatible with earlier Game Boy units.

Further on in the calendar, Saffire's Dogz and Catz are going to be available for breeding on your Game Boy Color. The artificial life creatures (nope, not those Creatures) are going to hit stores around August 1999.

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