GBA Tekken confirmed as 3D fighting game

Read new information on the Game Boy Advance version of Tekken.

According to this week's issue of the Japanese gaming publication Famitsu, GBA Tekken (working title) has been confirmed as a 3D fighting game. The game is being developed by Sandbox Studios, and it features an arcade mode, a survival mode, a time attack mode, a practice mode, and even a three-on-three tag-match mode. The A and B buttons will be used to punch and kick, while the L and R shoulder buttons will most likely used for switching team members during the tag match. Playable characters confirmed so far are Jin Kazama, Paul Phoenix, Forest Law, Hwoarang, Gun Jack, King, Ling Xiaoyu, Nina Williams, and Yoshimitsu. No release date or pricing has been announced. We expect to see the playable version of GBA Tekken later this month at the Nintendo Space World show.

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