Garry's Mod Sequel Announced With VR Support

Creator of the original mod says VR is "the big point of it."


Ten years after its debut, the developer of popular PC sandbox creation game Garry's Mod has announced a sequel in the works.

In an interview with PCGamesN Garry Newman, creator of the original and founder of Facepunch Studios, was asked whether he's consider increasing the price of Garry's Mod, which is hugely popular but only costs around $10.

In his response, he revealed the team was working on a follow-up, so increasing the price of the original wouldn't make sense.

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"No," he replied. "I mean, we're kind of working on a sequel, so it'd be stupid to raise the price."

Continuing, he revealed one of the features the studio is experimenting with for the follow-up: "It's early days. We're looking at having more VR stuff in it--that's the big point of it."

Despite the fact that he called it a sequel, Newman added it "won't be called Garry's Mod 2," indicating that it maybe a large update for the original release, though this has not been confirmed.

Although Garry's Mod launched as a free download, it proved to be very popular among modders and Machinima producers, since it allowed assets from other games to be imported and manipulated.

A paid version was of Garry's Mod eventually released.

Newman, along with Facepunch Studios, has since released Rust, a survival game that tasks players with gathering resourcing and building structures. In February 2014, Newman said on Twitter that Garry’s Mod broke $30 million in sales, but that Rust, which hit Steam Early Access in December 2013, had already surpassed it.

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