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Garry's Mod Sells 10 Million Copies

Unsurprisingly, a sequel is currently in development.


Popular PC sandbox game Garry's Mod has reached a new sales milestone. The standalone game sold its 10 millionth copy over the holidays, creator Garry Newman announced on Twitter.

The $10 Garry's Mod, as its name suggests, began its life as a free mod for Valve's Half-Life 2. As IGN notes, the standalone version was released in 2006 as part of Newman's formation of Facepunch Studios.

The developer also released survival game Rust--and it, too, has enjoyed strong sales.

A sequel to Garry's Mod is currently in development, though, as of September 2015, it's still "early days" for this game. Virtual reality will be a "big point" of this game, which will not be called Garry's Mod 2.

Never tried Garry's Mod? It's marked down to just $2.50 right now as part of the soon-to-end Steam Winter Sale.

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