GarageGames to publish Pontifex II

The online publisher signs a deal for the sequel to Chronic Logic's bridge-building game.


Bridge Construction Set

GarageGames has announced that it has signed an online licensing agreement with Chronic Logic to distribute Pontifex II, which simulates the design, construction, and testing of bridges in 3D. In Pontifex II's 40 levels of varying complexity, players are challenged to build many different kinds of bridges out of six different materials. The game has a complex physics model, and bridges can be stress-tested by sending trains and other types of vehicles across them.

"When we first started GarageGames our theory was that independent developers could come up with innovative games, but we didn't really have proof," said Jeff Tunnell, president of GarageGames. "When I saw Bridge Builder a couple of months later, I knew we had our proof, and that I wanted to publish that game. It took two more years for us to get our act together, but now we are finally publishing it."

Pontifex II has been available from the Chronic Logic Web site, which has more information on the game.

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