Gangsters 2 goes gold

Eidos Interactive's real-time strategy game is complete and will soon ship to stores.


Eidos Interactive has announced that its latest real-time strategy game, Gangsters 2: Vendetta, has gone gold and will soon ship to stores. The game is set in Prohibition-era America, and players assume the role of a Mafia leader. As the mob boss, players must deal in a variety of illegal activities, including extortion, illegal liquor, prostitution, violence, intimidation, gambling, gang warfare, bribery, and assassination. To aid them in their quest to become the most powerful crime family, players have access to a number of specialized characters, including hit men, kidnappers, safe crackers, and cardsharps.

For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game. Gangsters 2: Vendetta is scheduled for release in early June.

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