Gammick fires up Zombie BBQ

Production company taps Spanish developer EnjoyUp to work on vertically scrolling shooter with a zesty undead kick.


Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ

Barbecue makes for sloppy eating, and zombies are just about the sloppiest eaters around, so it somehow makes sense that Spanish production company Gammick Entertainment has announced its attempt to combine the two popular cultural institutions with Zombie BBQ for the Nintendo DS.

This is where McRibs come from.
This is where McRibs come from.

The game casts players as a Little Red Riding Hood-style character in a twisted take on the land of fairy tales. Having just defeated the big bad wolf (and his army of evil), the young girl must turn her attention (and her arsenal) to face an invasion of "leper zombies."

Zombie BBQ will be a vertically scrolling shooter developed by Spanish studio EnjoyUp, the outfit behind last year's European and Australian DS game Chronos Twin. Gammick is preparing the game for an October launch worldwide. Publishing partners have not yet been announced.

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