Gaming guard at nuke plant oblivious to inspector

Security at Three Mile Island fails to notice surprise inspector while playing handheld; actions (or lack of) prompt reevaluation of rules.


Duke Nukem Advance

While stories have shown that gaming on the job can be hazardous, none have approached danger on a statewide disaster level--until today. During a surprise inspection at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant, the same site of the worst nuclear accident in US history, one security guard was so engrossed a game he was playing on a handheld, he failed to notice the inspector, reports the Associated Press. "The issue is not the guard's use of the video game," said Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection secretary Kathleen McGinty. "The real issue is that his complete absorption in the game distracted him from noticing the repeated approach of our inspector." This, along with other incidents with guards, has led the agency to review its security policies. The game and the device were not identified in the report.

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