Gaming can revitalize Microsoft like music did for Apple, new Xbox boss says

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer says, "I think we have that opportunity."

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Microsoft's gaming efforts have the ability to help Microsoft re-emerge as a top-tier consumer company in much the same way that music helped Apple return to prominence. That's according to Head of Xbox Phil Spencer, who said in a new interview that this is the legacy he would like to be known for when his days at Microsoft eventually come to an end.

"I fundamentally believe for this company that gaming can be a real catalyst for Microsoft's re-emergence as a consumer company," Spencer said in an interview with Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb. "I go back and I look at Apple and they, on the back of music, became a very relevant consumer brand. Their investment in music early with the iPod and iTunes and everything that they did was an incredible growth opportunity for them and they really sparked consumer delight and innovation in the product, both the industrial design and just the way the whole service worked and I think we've got the same opportunity with Xbox here at Microsoft."

Prior to his appointment to Head of Xbox last week, Spencer met with new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and they discussed the role gaming will play in Microsoft's future. He recalls from that meeting that they discussed how Microsoft can use this moment in time for Xbox and Microsoft to focus on making gaming a focus for Microsoft "across everything that we do."

"I think we have that opportunity. I don't think it's a lay-up; and I think there's a lot of work. A lot of things that have to be done," Spencer said. "But it would be great to be a part of that. If people look back and said 'this is when Microsoft committed to gaming across everything that we did led with what we do on Xbox One and that was an important part in their history.'"

The Xbox One launched in November 2013 and sold more than 3 million units in under two months. It's not just a platform for games, as Microsoft today disclosed huge plans for original TV programming for the system.

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