GameStop's Most-Requested Retro Consoles Revealed

Nintendo dominates.


In addition to selling the newest consoles and games, retailer GameStop has a retro gaming business. It sells older consoles, games, and accessories. Now, the store has announced the results of a new survey, revealing which legacy consoles are the most highly sought-after among the members of its loyalty program, PowerUp Rewards.

Nintendo leads the way, taking the top three positions. The Nintendo 64 is hottest with GameStop's PowerUp Rewards members, followed by the NES and the Super NES. Other consoles that made the Top 10 list include the PlayStation 1 (No. 4), original Xbox (No. 6), and the Sega Saturn (No. 8). Nintendo's Game Boy (No. 9) and Game Boy Advance (No. 10) are also represented, meaning Nintendo consoles made up five of the top 10 most-requested retro consoles.

As part of the survey, GameStop asked members what retro consoles they were most interested in. The full Top 10 list is below, as reported by GamesBeat.

  1. Nintendo 64
  2. Nintendo Entertainment System
  3. Super NES
  4. PlayStation
  5. Sega Genesis
  6. Xbox
  7. Sega Dreamcast
  8. Sega Saturn
  9. Game Boy
  10. Game Boy Advance

The Nintendo 64 sells for $80 at GameStop, while Super Mario 64 goes for $35 and GoldenEye 64 for $30. Go to GameStop's retro gaming page to see everything the store offers.

Nintendo started selling retro gaming items through its website on July 2015, expanding the program to all of its North American stores as of October 2016, according to GamesBeat.

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