GameStop Will Have PS5 Bundles In Stores Tomorrow, May 28

All GameStop stores in the Contiguous US are taking part in the Saturday, May 28 restock.


GameStop has announced it will host its next PS5 restock tomorrow, May 28. The restock will feature both PS5 and PS5 Digital bundles. All stores in the Contiguous US (excludes Hawaii, Alaska, and Guam) are participating in Saturday's PS5 restock. As usual, you will have to be a PowerUp Rewards Pro member to purchase a PS5 bundle.

GameStop hasn't revealed the contents of the bundles, which means you won't know what else you're paying for until you're actually in line. Be prepared to spend north of $500 for a PS5 Digital bundle and more than $600 for a standard PS5 bundle.

While it's disappointing that the exact bundles aren't announced ahead of time, recent PS5 bundles at GameStop have been more consumer-friendly than they used to be. Rather than bundling random games with the consoles, GameStop has often included gift cards, PS Plus subscriptions, and extra controllers--products that most people want when purchasing a new console anyway.

We recommend getting to your local store before or right at opening time. In-store PS5 restocks tend to sell out quickly at GameStop, and quantities are always limited.

GameStop has been "making" PS5 bundles ever since the console launched, but the first real PS5 bundle from Sony should be available at major retailers soon. The bundle comes with a digital copy of Horizon Forbidden West and costs $450 (PS5 Digital) or $550 (standard PS5).

If you miss out on GameStop's restock on May 28, Walmart will be hosting a PS5 restock on June 2.

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