GameStop Will Have PS5 Bundles In Stores Multiple Days This Week

GameStop's in-store PS5 restock will be exclusive to PowerUp Rewards Pro members on Friday before opening up to all customers.


Following a period of frequent PS5 restocks in July that made us think the elusive console was starting to be "easy" to secure, August has been pretty darn dry. PlayStation 5 restocks have not been available at major retailers really at all for last few weeks. If you're still looking for one, you'll have a chance to pick up the PS5 at your local GameStop store very soon.

GameStop will have PS5 bundles in stock tomorrow, August 19, and Saturday, August 20. Friday's restock will only be open to PowerUp Rewards Pro members. This has been the case for most in-store restocks at GameStop. However, GameStop will also have PS5 bundles in stock for all customers on Saturday, no membership required.

As usual, you can use GameStop's PS5 restock page to check to see if a location near you will have consoles in stock. It looks like every GameStop store in the continental US will be participating.

The store page shows both the PS5 and PS5 Digital, so you can expect bundles for each of them. Although GameStop hasn't unveiled the contents of the bundles, a leak from earlier this week suggests that the standard PS5 bundle will come with Madden NFL 23 and a second DualSense controller (any color you want). There will apparently be two PS5 Digital bundles: a regular bundle and the edition that comes with Horizon Forbidden West. Both of these bundles allegedly come with a $70 PlayStation gift card (equivalent to the cost of Madden) and a Galactic Purple DualSense controller (via Cheap Ass Gamer)

If accurate, the disc-based PS5 bundle will likely cost $640-$645. The PS5 Digital Edition bundles will range from $545 to $595.

We recommend arriving at your local GameStop store before or at opening time, as quantities will be limited (unsurprisingly).

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