GameStop Will Be Closed On Thanksgiving

The move is out of respect for the company's employees; CEO Paul Raines returns to work after three-month medical leave.

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Unlike many retailers, video game store GameStop will not be open on Thanskgiving to kick off Black Friday sales a day early. CEO Paul Raines confirmed the news today during a post-earnings call.

"We will be closed on Thanskgiving Day next week in the United States out of respect for our associates and their families," he said. "Sometimes, we have to not let the pressure from other retailers distract us from our values."

GameStop will open many of its stores at midnight on Black Friday, with the rest opening at 8 AM local time the next day. You can see GameStop's Black Friday deals here.

Paul Raines
Paul Raines

Raines also confirmed today that he has returned to work after a three-month absence following the removal of a brain tumor in August. He spent time in hospitals in Texas and North Carolina, and is expected to make a full recovery. He sounded cheery and spirited during the call today.

"My treatments have gone very well and I am blessed to say that I had excellent results on my follow-up visits" to both facilities, Raines said. He added that he has a "great health prognosis" and looks forward to "many future conversations" with analysts and media.

Raines also made clear that GameStop management has done "extensive" succession planning to ensure that the company is in good hands when he does eventually leave his post as CEO.

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