GameStop unfazed by Wal-Mart's entrance in the used game market

CEO Paul Raines says "GameStop, of course, is a formidable competitor."

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You might think that video game retailer GameStop would be worried about a mega-company like Wal-Mart entering the used game market, but it's not so. GameStop CEO Paul Raines said today during an earnings call that Wal-Mart's arrival to the market actually is a good thing for GameStop's business because it will drive greater awareness for the secondhand market overall.

"For years we have faced very strong big box and online competitors in that space and [we] expect that will continue going forward. I would point out that it is a great sign that in the category that large competitors return after previous attempts as they see that the preowned video game business has a lot of growth ahead," Raines said.

Wal-Mart's video game trade-in program started yesterday at stores across and country and online. This is the retailer's second attempt to crack the GameStop-dominated secondhand market, following an initial run in 2009.

Raines said a rising tide raises all ships.

"Consumers have low top of mind awareness of buy/sell/trade and new competitors will drive greater overall awareness of the category, which has always been very good for our business," he said. "GameStop, of course, is a formidable competitor in this space."

Raines also pointed out that 75 percent of trade-ins at GameStop immediately are applied to the purchase of new hardware and software, totaling an injection of $1 billion in 2013.

He said GameStop's relationship with publishers like Activision and Electronic Arts--which do not participate directly in the sale of secondhand products--remains positive because used games actually do positively impact the overall gaming ecosystem.

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Not fazed? Well then they must be stunned retarded atm.

Avatar image for daikkenaurora12

Yet they start a new program. Unfazed indeed.

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I looked into this, they're only accepting 15 game titles online. So for people with older games from like the PS2, its best just sell on ebay or amazon then to "recycle" it.

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F*ck em both. I use neither. Amazon prime, boyee.

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gamespot can suck my dck, i've hated them ever since i was a kid on my bday about to get gta san andreas as my present and the the employee tells my dad that's there's violence and shit in the game. my dad doesn't get it... bday ruined, f u gamespot i still got the game on my own thu a friend

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Meh to Walmart.

Avatar image for MattyTheButcher

I just like the fact that you can add video games to a wedding registry.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Heh great point.

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Not fazed but still offering an extra discount for stores located near a Wal-Mart... lol GameStop

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with walmart shit, they usually function when you DONT have to deal with the retards they hire. trading a game? ohhhh boy....

Avatar image for Kjranu

Why would you pay for a dirty, cum-stained box when you could pay five dollars extra and get a brand-new and more importantly ... clean box?

Avatar image for dpclark


Please be sure to wipe off and disinfect your games before you sell them.

Avatar image for MattyTheButcher

<< LINK REMOVED >> because you get 2 games in one? Assassins Creed: Black flag and DNA Analyst.

Avatar image for robotpudding

They better be worried. Walmart's business model is pretty strong.

Avatar image for Neomaniac15

I've never had a good experience at a Wal-Mart. I wouldn't give them my business unless they were giving the games away.

Avatar image for MattyTheButcher

<< LINK REMOVED >> well dont move to maine. Its basically walmart world up there. Some towns live in walmart on sundays. It has become the only business in some rural towns so its just where everyone goes.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

That's after a couple of days of breathing into a paper bag, sobbing on the floor of his executive-suite bathroom, worrying about all those risky investments he made with the ill-gotten gains of secondhand game sales...

Avatar image for johnnycontardo

This is all WONDERFUL news.

It's about time that Gamestop got their heads kicked in!

I hope that Gamestop looses HUGE revenue.

I remember when I used to bring in all my used games, and would not have enough to buy SHIT.

F*ck Gamestop.

Avatar image for jtmellon

No big deal you will get same crappy service from both places. Wait in line at both + the upsell from Gamestop.

Avatar image for kargion

Nothing like coming in on the used game market when its on its way out lol

Avatar image for Sarg1010

Gamestop wasn't fazed...

But their investors sure were.

Avatar image for ToadstoolPeach

I refuse to give Wal-Mart my business. Though I haven't stepped into a Gamestop in years.

Avatar image for IndremaLover

There's still Gamestops? For what purpose?

Avatar image for Aries139

GameStop needs a competitor, their trade rates are horrible.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Haha, I sold a bunch of old PS3 games because I am selling my PS3. I got like $26 for GTA5, about $3.50 for battlefield 3 and maybe $4.00 for AC3, and others. I sold about 7 games for 50 bucks. Best one was an amazing $0.03 for that Sports Champions game for the Move. I didn't care about the prices because I just wanted to get rid of them for whatever, but THREE cents for a PS3 game??? I'm pretty sure an empty Bluray disc in bulk costs more than that

Avatar image for veryDERPY

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> that's about the going price for bf3/ac4. check amazon

Avatar image for crimzonrazor

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>Im shocked they game you anything for Sports Champions they should have refused it.

Avatar image for Barighm

<< LINK REMOVED >> They do have a competitor. It's called Steam. Why buy used when you can buy on sale?

Digital is going to be the thing that topples GameStop. Granted, you're more likely to find lesser known games at GameStop...

Avatar image for Aries139

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I can only dream of my PS4 using Steam. The next best thing is PS+.

Never ever sell games to games to Gamestop, However they have a very good rental deal.

Avatar image for rawkstar007

This is the largest and most cutthroat brick-and-mortar business in the world. No longer do you have the advantage of being the only physical location where people can sell their games quick-and-dirty, a major portion of your revenue stream.

I look forward to seeing you reduced to game rental machines in front of gas stations and grocery stores.

Avatar image for Namgis

<< LINK REMOVED >> I haven't purchased a used title from GS in well over a year. Best Buy on the other hand. GS hasn't been the only kid on the block taking your money for a while now.

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Not only can you trade them in for other games, you can do so for store credit in the form of a gift card. There's only so much you can get from a gift card at GameStop. I can trade in all my used games at Walmart and buy a deer rifle.....yay.

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Unfazed? Their stock really wasn't when it took a tumble right after the announcement that Walmart was entering into the second hand gaming market.

Avatar image for crimzonrazor

<< LINK REMOVED >> can you show were you got this info on the stock taking a tumble or did you pull it out of the air.

Avatar image for StryfeBringer

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>It was an article posted on Gamespot when Walmart announced that they were getting into the second hand gaming market. Here is the link:


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"I bought RYSE this morning and didn't like it can I return it?"
"No you can only trade it is for $11"
......"But I payed $59 4 hours ago"
"Not my problem, would you like to preorder anything today?"

aaaand this is why I havn't been to a gamestop in over 4 years.

Digital is the way to go this gen

Avatar image for veryDERPY

<< LINK REMOVED >> why you bought it at all? even they knew it's a piece of shit. try ebay

Avatar image for VegasAceVII

<< LINK REMOVED >> Do not trade in to Gamestop...ever...Sell Online; Amazon or eBay.

Avatar image for crimzonrazor

<< LINK REMOVED >> One problem with your whole digital is the way to go, game data is huge now. Ps4 and xbox one only have a 500 gig hard drive. That means you can only get a couple of games on there before your full, then you have to wait to download a game everytime you decide you want to play something, and have to delete something else to make it fit. Digital SUCKS.

Avatar image for PSYCHOV3N0M

On PS4 you can upgrade your hard drive without voiding your warranty. You have little to no argument against PS4.

Avatar image for gamestoreguy

<< LINK REMOVED >> Spoken like someone that doesn't know what your're talking about.

"I bought Ryse this morning and I didn't like it can I return it?"

"Did you buy it new or used?"


"I'm sorry, due to federal copyright laws we are unable to process a refund on opened new media. You can trade it in for a base of $22 (as of Tuesday)."

"I remember now I did purchase it used."

"Ah, that's a different story. You have 7 days with a receipt for a full refund or exchange for a different item. What would you like to do?"

Avatar image for PosiTVEMinD355

<< LINK REMOVED >> I wouldn't say Digital is the way to go this gen. Have you tried selling on ebay? I usually get most of my money back there. Then is Ryse...

Avatar image for BeefoTheBold

I take Wal-Mart's entry into this market as a VERY GOOD thing for gamers even if I dislike the company in general.

After all, what better proof is there of the longterm viability of both physical media and a vibrant used game market than Wal-Mart choosing to get into it. The next time a company like Microsoft (or maybe it will be Sony next time) tries to restrict used games or require a fee or whatever other anti-consumer BS they tried when they were getting ready to roll out the XB1 and had to reverse course on that is intended to attack the used game market, it won't just be Gamestop pushing back on it.

It will be the 15th biggest company in the entire freaking world.


And even beyond that, more competition = better prices for gamers selling back their used games and cheaper prices for buying used games.

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