GameStop to Start Buying, Selling Retro Consoles and Games

Retailer to launch pilot program where it will buy old consoles like the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, and more in select markets.

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Not long after opening up trades for the PlayStation 2, retailer GameStop is moving forward with its previously announced plan to buy and sell even more retro gaming consoles and games. The company is planning to launch a new pilot program for classic consoles, games, and accessories starting April 25.

IGN has the full story.

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The two test markets are New York City and Birmingham, Alabama, which together total around 250 stores. A spokesperson for GameStop told IGN that it could expand the program nationwide "later this year" if there is enough interest in the pilot markets.

GameStop shoppers in the test regions can trade in and buy consoles dating all the way back to 1985's Nintendo Entertainment System. Customers can also trade in the Super NES, SEGA Genesis, original PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and SEGA Dreamcast.

All legacy consoles and games traded in to GameStop will be sent to the retailer's Refurbishment Operations Center, known as The ROC, in Texas. There, like newer systems and games, they will be inspected and tested, and repaired if necessary.

Though GameStop will begin accepting retro consoles, games, and accessories for trade on April 25, the company says it will take about two months before inventory starts showing up in stores. You won't need to travel to NYC or Alabama to buy the legacy platforms, however, as they will also be sold through GameStop's online store.

There is no word yet on what GameStop will pay for retro consoles and games, or how much they will cost when they're made available later this year for purchase. However, IGN reports that these aged consoles will also come with the standard GameStop warranty.

Head to IGN for the full story.

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