GameStop Takes $10 Off Mass Effect: Andromeda And More With This $10 Pro Pass

PowerUp Pro members can spend $10 to save as much as $50.


GameStop has brought back a promotion for members of its PowerUp Pro program that allows them to save $10 on certain games.

Pro members can now head to a GameStop store to pick up the Spring Pro Gaming Pass for $10. By doing so, they'll receive coupons to save $10 off select games, including Mass Effect: Andromeda and Prey, when they purchase them within 30 days of release. This only applies to the standard, physical versions of each game; any deluxe or digital versions don't count.

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Here's the full list of games included in the promotion, and the dates that the coupon for each is valid until:

This is a good deal for those planning to pick up more than one of these games through GameStop. That said, Best Buy's Gamers Club Unlocked arguably presents a better value, as it allows you to take 20 percent off the price of games for two years for $30. Amazon offers an identical discount to Prime members, although that's only available on preorders up through the first two weeks after a game's release.

You can read more about GameStop's new offer on its website.

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Pay money to get the same amount of money off? Okay GameStop, when I would have to already pay a fee for the Pro Membership?

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I'd rather use my Prime discounts. At least those go toward every new game I preorder, not just select titles.

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Nice try...*eyeroll*

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And Target has Buy 2, get 1 free which would save way more if you want to wait. I just bought Horizon Zero Dawn at walmart bc I had a gift card, but I think I'm going to pick up Nier Automata, Ghost Recon, and Nioh.

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@sweet_jcs: Sorry to tell you the buy 2 get 1 free sale at Target is over, but don't worry it'll probably be back in this fall/holiday.

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Buy 2 and get 1 free from Target alt to be back in time for E3 2017

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So wait, I can be a pro member for $15 per year and then pay another $10 to get coupons, for a total of $25 per year or I can just pay 35 to bestbuy and get 20% off any game anytime I want or have prime at get 20% off new release titles. Hmm, its a no brainer

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Wait, so you pay $10 to get $10 coupons (yes for more than 1 game, but it's still a paltry amount given their price tags) for certain games, instead of the coupons being a bonus from buying a game unlike the last time they did the promo, AND it doesn't count towards special/deluxe editions of the game? I don't have anything against Gamestop normally unlike some people with their horror stories, but this is pretty stupid.

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@Doomerang: TBH there shouldn't be any deluxe versions of any game.

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@Doomerang: Had to read this twice to make sure, because my first thought was "wait, what's the benefit here?"

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This is a terrible deal compared to what other stores offer, you can only choose from 5 games and you have to be a GS pro member to even get the offer!? BestBuy has a much better program followed by Amazon. GameStop's program is an insult to consumer's intelligence, GS shouldn't of bothered.

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yeah, so not doing that..........

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Wait a month and, so long as we're talking about western games, you'll be able to find it much cheaper.

I've never seen a GS honour these kinds of promotions anyway. I bought one of these things from a store in the past and every store I visited refused to honour them.

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@Barighm: I don't know what GameStop's you're going to but I've never had a problem redeeming any kind of promotion (maybe you should make sure it didn't expire?)

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I do wish Gamespot would at least have the decency to mark these "stories" as paid ads.

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I use Amazon only for my physical games, sorry GS.

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Sorry, Amazon beat ya too it!! lol