GameStop Rocksmith preorders get $25 Guitar Center credit

Ubisoft announces promotion with specialty retailer for upcoming guitar game; voucher good for any guitar purchase at national axe warehouse.


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Though Harmonix and Activision will not release new Rock Band or Guitar Hero games in 2011, Ubisoft plans to this fall with Rocksmith.

Now the French publisher has announced how it hopes to secure preorders for the game. The publisher recently said those who reserve the title at specialty retailer GameStop will earn a $25 gift card to national axe warehouse Guitar Center, where the credit can be applied toward the purchase of any guitar.

$25 won't buy a guitar, but it'll help.
$25 won't buy a guitar, but it'll help.

A standard version of Rocksmith is due out this fall for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC priced at $79.99. Additionally, a $200 Gibson custom edition is reportedly in the works.

The game will come with 45 songs from bands like the Rolling Stones, the Animals, David Bowie, and Nirvana. According to the game's initial unveiling, Rocksmith will sport songs not available in Rock Band or Guitar Hero games.

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