GameStop Raises Record $1.2 Million for Make-A-Wish in May

That easily exceeds the retailer's goal of $500,000.


GameStop's Make-A-Wish foundation charity drive for May, where shoppers could donate to the organization at the point of purchase, was a huge success, organizers say.

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The Make-A-Wish foundation announced today that the in-store and online campaign raised more than $1.2 million, which will go toward helping grant "wishes" to children with life-threatening medical issues.

This wasn't GameStop's first year running a Make-A-Wish charity drive, but it was the first to include support from the retailer's subsidiaries like Game Informer, Kongregate, Spring Mobile, and Simply Mac.

By comparison, GameStop's Make-A-Wish charity drive last year brought in $300,000. The retailer's goal for this year was $500,000, which it easily exceeded.

“Our customers are simply amazing. Because of their generosity, GameStop collected more than $1.2 million during the month of May--setting a new record for in-store donations," GameStop CFO Rob Lloyd said in a statement. Lloyd is also a member of Make-A-Wish's Texas board of directors.

The funds GameStop collects from its Make-A-Wish campaign will support shopping sprees for children facing life-threatening medical challenges. In 2014, GameStop granted some 335 "wishes." This year, GameStop worked with 12-year-old gamer Jahred Joyner, who has AGS leukodystrophy, to fulfill his wish.

He wanted to appear in a video game commercial, and GameStop and Make-A-Wish teamed up to make that happen. You can watch the commercial below.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a non-profit organization that grants "wishes" to children with life-threatening medical issues. World of Warcraft and Diablo developer is also a regular supporter of the Make-A-Wish foundation.

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Well done GameStop

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I think it's fantastic that much was raised. Obviously it's best to donate directly to charities you support, but people often don't consider donating until they encounter the option to do so, like at a business. When large companies do things like this, it boosts awareness for different campaigns. And yes, businesses often get a bit of a boost from things like this, too.

I know a lot of people hate on Gamestop, and some of that hate is justified. But I think it's great when they do something like this, especially considering they have absolutely no obligation to do so.

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If I was one of those kids I'd wish for $1.2-million dollars.

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Gamestop can go straight to H E dbl hockey sticks.

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And i'm sure they managed to make most of that money by offering $2 on trade-ins of $59 games.

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Buh-buh-buh gamers are bad people that don't care! /sarcasm

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Could have easily given something like 10 million dollars, but okay.

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Say what you will but I love gamestop! You can buy used games and play them for 7 days and return them (basically free rentals). They always have nice informed people working there! I love gamestop! :D


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@underxgames: Steam's return policy should be the same. With none of that dumb "less than 2 hours gameplay" garbage.

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Are u kidding me? you want to play a game for a week and then get a full refund? Pirating would be more honest than buying a game finishing it and then get a full refund.

2 hours is more than enough to see if you will like the game and whether its working on your PC.

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Now its time to boost GameStop's profits with 1.2 Million Dollars of video game sales.

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the extra should go to gamestops execs.

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@Mr_Mark_Legion: Rob Lloyd will get a cut as he has his hands in the pockets of both the charity and Gamestop. Gamestop can also use this "customer" donation as a tax deduction. I'd bet Make-a-Wish is also paying Gamestop a collection fee to run the promotion.

If you want to make a charitable contribution, it's better to donate directly to the organization you support, as it allows you (the donator) to receive the tax deduction. When charities pay CEOs upwards of $500K/yr salaries and often use "free" volunteer labor, you may want to donate to a different charity. That said, based on internet reports about Make-a-Wish, their CEO makes $129K/yr, many full time employees earn $51/yr and the board of directors receive no monetary compensation.

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@Suaron_x: guy, who's gonna write off a dollar donation or 10 for that matter. as long as it goes to them who cares. gamestop made a push and was an instrument to raise money. people like you see the bad in everything.

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Let me guess, only 30% goes to the Make-A-Wish foundation.