GameStop Mentions Unannounced Splinter Cell Game In Product Description

Not very stealthy.


Splinter Cell: Blacklist was released seven years ago, and fans of Sam Fisher's stealth adventures have been clamouring for a new entry in the Ubisoft series ever since. The gruff protagonist made an appearance in a Ghost Recon: Wildlands expansion with voice actor Michael Ironside reprising the role, and Fisher also featured at E3 earlier this year as part of a mobile game called Tom Clancy's Elite Squad.

Now, GameStop may have just inadvertently revealed a new entry in the Splinter Cell series is on the way. A Reddit user discovered a new listing for Sam Fisher replica goggles available for pre-order on the retailer's site. The description says, "For the first time since the introduction of Splinter Cell in 2002, after nine top-selling AAA+ titles, and with the 10th release on the horizon, this is your first chance to own Sam Fisher's signature Ultra High-Frequency Sonar Goggles."

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A 10th release on the horizon? Maybe this is just an honest mistake on GameStop's part in presuming a new Splinter Cell is on the way, or maybe it's something much more than that. For what it's worth, the listing has now been removed with the link redirecting to an "access denied" page. It's also a curious time to release a new pair of replica goggles--slated for release in November--when Splinter Cell hasn't been part of the gaming lexicon for a number of years.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot recently explained the wait for a new Splinter Cell game. "When you create a game, you have to make sure you will come with something that will be different enough from what you did before," Guillemot said. "Last time we did a Splinter Cell, we had lots of pressure from all the fans saying, 'Don't change it; don't do this; don't do that.' So some of the teams were more anxious to work on the brand.

"Now there are some things and some people that are now looking at the brand; taking care of the brand. At one point you will see something but I can't say more than that," he added. "Also because of Assassin's Creed and all the other brands taking off, people wanted to work on those brands more. So we have to follow what they like to do."

In other Tom Clancy related Ubisoft news, the Ghost Recon Breakpoint closed beta kicks off this weekend, and GameSpot has all of the details. The company also launched Uplay+, its new subscription service, but not without its share of teething problems.

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