GameStop launches iOS device trade-ins

Speciality retailer now offering in-store credit or cash for any-generation iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mini, Shuffle, and Nano.


GameStop isn't likely to get much value out of an Angry Birds trade-in, but the world's largest gaming retailer is seeing potential out of the iOS devices that the wildly popular mobile game runs on. Today, the world's largest gaming retailer announced that it has launched a trade-in program for used iOS devices, whereby gamers can get cash or in-store credit for their used iPads, iPhones, and iPods.

GameStop is willing to pay as much as $200 for your old iPhone.
GameStop is willing to pay as much as $200 for your old iPhone.

Beginning today, GameStop has begun accepting any generation of Apple's iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mini, Shuffle, or Nano devices at select stores in the US. For their hardware, gamers will be offered cash or in-store credit.

A number of conditions apply. Device casings must be free of dents, "severe" scratches, and personal engravings. The retailer will also turn down devices with a cracked or severely scratched screen and those that do not power on, have an unreadable screen, or that are in any other way defective. Devices with water damage are also out.

In its announcement, GameStop did not indicate how much it would pay out for acceptable iOS devices, saying only that the value is "significantly higher than typical game trade-ins." GameStop's corporate office declined to disclose trade-in values.

However, a San Francisco-based GameStop store told GameSpot that a 32GB iPhone 4 is eligible for $200 worth of in-store credit or $160 in cash, and a 32GB iPhone 3GS is worth $140 in credit or $112 in cash. Meanwhile, Apple's iPad carries a trade-in value of $350 or $200, depending on the hardware configuration.

A full list of terms and conditions for iOS trade-ins is available through GameStop's official website.

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