GameStop hosting Xbox One pre-launch events

Retailer holding events November 17 where customers can bring in hardware for 90 percent bonus trade-in credit when applied to paying off preordered Xbox One.

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GameStop will hold Xbox One pre-launch events on Sunday, November 17 at all U.S. stores where shoppers can trade in hardware and receive a 90 percent trade-in bonus credit if applied to paying off a preordered Xbox One. GameStop help similar events earlier this month for the PlayStation 4, which is now officially on sale.

Customers are free to trade in software and accessories for trade-in credit, but the 90 percent offer is only good when applied toward paying off a preordered Xbox One. The same parameters were in place for the special PS4 offer.

Looking ahead to launch, GameStop said it is currently finalizing midnight launch plans. All eligible stores will remain open the evening of November 21 for the midnight release and those who have a preordered unit can officially purchase the system at 12:01 a.m. local time on November 22.

Microsoft is also hosting Xbox One midnight launch parties. The company's festivities will kick off in New Zealand (where 20 tiger sand sharks are guarding the first Xbox One), and will continue on to marquee events in New York City and Los Angeles.

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