GameStop hiring 17,000 for holiday season

Retailer planning to add thousands of jobs in the United States in preparation for upcoming shopping season.


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GameStop plans to hire 17,000 people across the United States in preparation for the upcoming holiday shopping season, including the launch of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next month. International hiring plans were not mentioned.

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The positions include in-store Game Advisors, consumer electronic technicians within its refurbishment operation center in Texas, and warehouse personnel for the company's two distribution centers.

These seasonal employees will work part-time shifts during the week, weeknights, and weekends. They will receive the same 15 percent discount that standard employees get.

"In the weeks leading up to the holidays, GameStop experiences a substantial peak in the number of customers it services online and within its retail stores," the company said in a statement. "As a result, ensuring that there is an adequate number of talented Game Advisor staff to support this increase in store traffic is a priority in order to maintain the high quality of customer service shoppers expect from GameStop."

GameStop said the holiday season is the company's busiest time of the year, accounting for about 40 percent of annual revenue. The company described its hiring plans as "critical" for success during this period.

Recruiting efforts are currently underway. Those interested in applying for positions can visit GameStop's careers section on its website. This year's 17,000 planned new hires is "in line" with the number of new employees GameStop added during the same holiday season last year.

Coming aboard as seasonal help could lead to a full-time position, GameStop said. In 2012, between 25-30 percent of seasonal employees were hired on full-time at the retailer for the next year, the company said.

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I worked at Gamestop before they went full blown cop-out. And during those years beforehand, it was a genuinely good place to work for. Even now, annual pay raises are no more than a quarter (25 cents) on top of hourly every year based on reviews, with no commissions, no incentives, very little benefits. The 15% discount (2013: $60 = $51 after discount, before tax) was more substantial back then when getting deals on games involved waiting many months, not weeks, for them to drop in price. Now, you can wait a couple of months and get new releases for good prices if you're patient enough. And the drive for pre-orders and subscriptions each week prompts associates to be aggressive if they truly want hours to work.

Overall, the only worth a place like Gamestop fulfills to employment is when someone can become a supervisor or a manager, and even then, it's still stressful. If someone wants this for a second job to have some extra cash and a decent discount (you can get markdowns on accessories and games and pre-owned systems, but not new systems), then all the power to you.

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When I worked for Gamestop, our boss was told he had to hire fifteen temps for holiday season. Each one only got scheduled for four hours a week, and when they came in they were so confused an untrained about how the POS and game filing worked that we just told them to stand out front and greet people. All were immediately let go after Christmas. So don't bother. And yeah it's minimum wage.

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I really can't believe it's almost the holiday season again. I swear Christmas was like 4 months ago.

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screw Gamestop

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Those 17,000 will have the pleasure of explaining the difference between the Wii and the Wii U to parents. *awesome face*

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And sadly, 90% of those people will be let go right after Christmas.

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Gamestop is hiring for temp Christmas work. With the U.S.A and the rest of world in the economy downfall. I suppose this is news?

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"seasonal employees...will receive the same 15 percent discount that standard employees get" From where I'm standing, 15 percent isn't that much. Even if I had never heard any bad things about Gamestop, even if I was desperate for a new game, it wouldn't make me more inclined to buy one from Gamestop. It's nothing personal, only business, i.e. Steam/GoG/Humble Weekly Sale making that 15 % look quite weak.

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@Hurvl its retail... what do you expect ?.. Even sometimes when a retail is on liquidation some prices are still high even after 80% off..

But again.. its better than nothing.

Avatar image for Hurvl

@roman4545 @Hurvl I don't expect it be cheaper, I'm just saying that this employee discount isn't worth much compared to the prices you can see at Steam/GoG/Humble Weekly Sale.

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I am huge!!!

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How is hiring new people for HOLIDAYS newsworthy? Every retail business does this; you get Mall Greeters, Cashiers, Folders, etc.

Holiday Shopping is utter Hell on Earth! You can find comparable deals online without the hassle of Comic Con like lines and parking is atrocious. It truly is a Circle of Hell.

The workers there are nearly all temp with zero knowledge of the products they sell and most are trying to make a sell.

Really slow news day if GS is reporting on something so obvious. Whats next, "New video games are coming this Holiday!"

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@decoy1978 It is news because this is a video game website and a lot of people who visit this site would love to have a job where they deal with video games all day.

And secondly, 17,000 is a lot of people even for holiday hiring. It is a bit more than average for holiday hiring of a company that is GameStop's size.


Having worked at GameStop in the past, I can say that it is either one of the best jobs or one of the worst jobs depending on your Store location. A busy store with lots of customers means you'll be trying to sell subscriptions and reserves all day while pulling games out of drawers non-stop. A small store with little traffic is like working in a barber shop: You do some work, but you spend most of your time shooting the breeze with your customers (probably talking about video games).

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It's strange that this is news now.

The US has really gone down the toilet, economically. I'm sure Europeans by far have better living conditions now.

Hey, McDonald is also hiring now! Though, they are paying people less than ever! You are asked to do twice the work, though.

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Be prepared for no training whatsoever if you're hired. Be prepared to work an extremely busy day with absolutely no knowledge of how the cash register works or how to take game reserves/trade-ins, etc. I went through this last year and got about three hours of work a week (if I was lucky--many weeks I didn't work at all). Make absolutely sure that the store you're applying for has a great management team or don't even bother.

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@Tsuchikage sounds exactly like my experience. I think GS is just a terrible place to work

Avatar image for BradBurns


It's sad that this is considered good work in the US now.

Personal advice: if you love games or whatever, don't work in a store like this. It'll make your passion for it dwindle.

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@BradBurns @Tsuchikage I'd say that it hurt my respect for GameStop--a company that once had actual respect for gamers--more than it did my passion for gaming. I'll never stop loving video games because a company is terribly mismanaged at the local level (I literally had a store manager tell me that my knowledge of games is a detriment to working at GameStop).

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@BradBurns @Tsuchikage who told you this was considered good work? It seasonal hiring; all retail companies do it. Its really a good way for kids to make an extra buck for a fews out of the year.

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@noladem504 @BradBurns @Tsuchikage

Most people who work in these seasonal jobs aren't teenagers anymore.

Many normal American adults are scrambling for these kinds of jobs now, unfortunately. And today's "normal" is of a lower standard than just thirty years ago.

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@Tsuchikage That sounds an awful lot like...all retail jobs everywhere.

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Dealing with holiday shoppers is like visiting one of the circles of hell but a job is a job and maybe the discount / job can help you snag a next gen console for a good price.

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Breaking News: 17,000 unemployed after holiday season

Avatar image for noladem504

@Oogazi seasonal hirees were unemployed before they were picked up for the holidays. Its mostly kids at that. Guess you'd rather those kids have no opportunity for an extra $?

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GameStop to fire 16,900 employees in Q1 2014! Thanks Obama.

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Paycheck is used games

Avatar image for HipHopBeats

Too bad most of the job postings are located in Texas.

Avatar image for DarkJedi8_basic

Great, more people ripping into the new games to play them first, and then selling them back to the public as new when they are done.

Avatar image for atlanticmoon

It's seasonal help, which GameStop and other retail stores do EVERY year. January roles around and the stores will be empty until March. Yes, they may turn some seasonal help into part time or full time employees.

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and only 5 will remain after the holiday rush..........and im not talking only about the 17000 temp ones only

Avatar image for deactivated-5ae060efb3bf6

Obama will jump on this info.

Avatar image for dmastor

@Triton Politics really Keep it out of gaming.

Avatar image for deactivated-5ae060efb3bf6

@dmastor @Triton

Lol, but gaming is politics - Have you not been reading the M$ vs the $ONY crap on here for the last 5 months going back and forth.

Avatar image for noladem504

@BradBurns @Triton @dmastor Excuse me? Where did you learn economics? Workers rights? You honestly believe its WRONG to close down a studio/restructure a company? LOL

I really hope you never get into business. You will lose a lot of money if so. Stick to working for people smarter than you.

Avatar image for BradBurns

@Triton @dmastor

There's nothing wrong with discussing politics in gaming. As long as you have something constructive to say.

It does affect the industry. I find it insane how easily companies can shut down studios, for example. Where the hell are the workers laws/ rights?

They have families.

Avatar image for FULGOREY2K

@dmastor as Johnny said "if we want videogames to be mainstream, we have to talk about politics"

i find your reply politically incorrect

Avatar image for FULGOREY2K

@dmastor billion people and a billion of profit are different.

and i think you didnt caught the sarcasm on the comment.

but yeah, i know that VG are mainstream now, but i was making fun of Johnny and GS reviewers in general as they have been very touchy about the hole GTA V thing

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@FULGOREY2K SMH... GTA made over a billion People play games to forget about life issues and enjoy themselves. Video games are mainstream already look at the number of sales.

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17,000 new employees who won't be able to answer a simple gaming question.

Avatar image for Earl-of-Death

@ohjtbehaaave Not if I get hired. Then there would be 16,999 people whoi can't answer questions about gaming hahaha.

Avatar image for roman4545

@Earl-of-Death @ohjtbehaaave im in ! make that 16,998...


Avatar image for Hiddai

@Evilgenius4u69 @Hiddai be realistic bro...

Avatar image for Moegitto

@Hiddai @Evilgenius4u69 This is the internet, people don't have the balls to say half the stuff they say online to someone's face...

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@Gatts1978 get promoted before you get fired. then you get to keep the job.

Avatar image for Riddick123

@evil_m3nace @Gatts1978 Get promoted by sticking your nose up the manager's ass. Works out for everyone. :)

Avatar image for evil_m3nace

@Riddick123 @evil_m3nace @Gatts1978 Well I got promoted in my last job simply because I was doing enough work for 3 people. But that is because I am a hyperactive person that loves a challenge. I quit because I hated the boss though.

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