GameStop Black Friday ad leaks

Battlefield 4 discounted to $30 on Friday only, while Call of Duty: Ghosts going for $50; Zelda 3DS XL bundle revealed for US.


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GameStop's Black Friday advertisement has leaked, giving gamers a look at some of the deals they can score at the retailer during the day-after-Thanksgiving shopping bonanza next month.

According to the advertisement obtained by, which GameStop has not verified is accurate, Battlefield 4 will be available for $30, while Call of Duty: Ghosts will go for $50. Both deals are valid Friday only.

Other deals include Just Dance 2014 for $20, a Wii system for $50, and a buy-one-get-one-free deal on Disney Infinity toy sets.

The leaked ad also indicates that GameStop will offer a pair of HD console deals. A 250GB Xbox 360 bundle including Tomb Raider and Halo 4 will be available for $200, while a 250GB PlayStation 3 with copies of Batman: Arkham Origins and The Last of Us will also go for $200.

Other deals include Assassin's Creed III ($15), Halo 4: Game of the Year Edition ($30), Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition ($15), and BioShock: Infinite ($20), among others.

Watch Dogs and DriveClub are listed in the GameStop ad, though both titles are no longer scheduled for release in 2013 after being delayed this week.

The GameStop ad also shows the Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL bundle, which was previously only announced for Europe. It is listed at $220.

A GameStop representative was not immediately available to comment on the leaked ad. The retailer traditionally offers various markdowns on Black Friday.

GameStop is hiring more than 17,000 seasonal employees for the holiday.

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Avatar image for D3dr0_0

Last year deals were horrible.

Avatar image for SuperDutchy

If you look at the ad, it specifically says "Also on PS3, PC" which would indicate that this promo for Battlefield 4 only applies on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Avatar image for senjutsu

<< LINK REMOVED >> Worst case scenario, if you want it on next gen, you just pay the 10$ to upgrade, not that bad either.

Avatar image for twisted_sith

wow they just lost a lot of money for themselves and EA with that bf4 sale. a lot of people will just wait the few extra weeks to pay half.

Avatar image for greenballer

Any one know if its the xb1 and ps4 versions as well?

Avatar image for blackace

Yeah, I'm wondering if this is in-store only or will these deals be on their website as well?

Avatar image for vduong942

@Ben Treseder these facebook comments are really retarded

Avatar image for vduong942

17,000 mistreated employees

Avatar image for twisted_sith

<< LINK REMOVED >> mistreated customers*

Avatar image for Atatabear

Wii is 40*

Avatar image for egger7577

Lol, COD, such a big deal at 50 dollars. The most expensive franchise even 2 years after release.

Avatar image for rann89

Looks like I'll be waiting on BF4. Wonder if this in-store only.

Avatar image for soulless4now

I'll just browse amazon that day instead.

Avatar image for DirkXXVI

Wouldn't it be the ultimate irony if after the sale Activision inked an exclusivity deal with the US Military because the military was afraid of their brand being devalued? #NFL2K5Karma

Avatar image for ChiefReaver

<< LINK REMOVED >> The "US Military" isn't a licensed brand like the NFL is.

Avatar image for Mongol812

<< LINK REMOVED >> Just wait until you hear about what we do on White Wednesday..

Avatar image for Mongol812

<< LINK REMOVED >> Wait until you hear about what we do on White Wednesday..

Avatar image for Karmazyn

can I buy from gamestop if I live in UK. Will I pay US or UK price. Also is BF4 the version with China DLC. Very tempted to buy the game now.

Avatar image for deactivated-5bda06edf37ee

lol i thought it was gonna be like this week or something. almost got ready to cancel my BF4 pre-order. we don't have black friday here, but i could've bought some digital versions from US stores.

Avatar image for BFKZ

Can we get these prices on amazon? :P

Avatar image for BigDawgSteve420

Might be the most ignorant comment I've ever read here...and that is really sayin something.

Avatar image for Alecmrhand

<< LINK REMOVED >> if it wasnt for capitalism you probably wouldnt even have a Gamespot website to complain on.....just sayin'.

Avatar image for SlyMC182


Capitalism is the fuel that powers the engine of the global economy. So why is this a bad thing. The last time I looked the worlds economy needed all the help it can get.

Avatar image for fredyellowone

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I should have told "savage capitalism" and yes, it's bad. I prefer to pay my stuff a little more, and make sure a nearby family store get my money, than running around like a chicken, hurting people in my crazy run to get the last wathever piece of technology at some Walmart store.

Avatar image for Delston

lol that's funny, I thought you were on a gaming website that overwhelmingly supports gaming systems (Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, PC) all undoubtedly made in China by large corporations and sold by capitalist retailers...

Avatar image for SlyMC182


I agree that is a fair point. There is nothing wrong with helping out a local store. But people running around like idiots and pushing and shoving each other like you sometimes see on the news is not the fault of capitalism per se. It is the result of too many people all in the same place at the same time that all want the same things. And that is the fault of poor planning and a lack of proper security in some stores or just simply not enough products in stock. So even if you prefer to buy from a small mom and pops store you are still supporting the global economy but on a smaller scale. And no that is never a bad thing.

Avatar image for StHapns247

That Battlefield 4 deal sounds pretty sweet. Don't know if I'll be able to swing that 3DS bundle... If it is a custom, collectible 3DS I may be able to move somethings around.

Avatar image for StHapns247

<< LINK REMOVED >> You are correct, this is capitalism at its best. Companies make money by selling large volumes at discount prices while consumers get great deals on things they want. Sucks, right?

Avatar image for fredyellowone

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Yes, it do sucks that people get those discounts ONE day each year, and to make sure they get them, they have to camp outside stores for a day, and when it's finally open, run like a bunch of animals into the store.

Avatar image for IndianaPwns39


Most businesses take part in offering sales during Black Friday, but deals like these are hardly one day each year. Gamestop always has a summer sale, for example.

Hell, right after Black Friday we have "Cyber Monday" which, contrary to it's name, tends to last all week.

Avatar image for StHapns247

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I feel like your understanding of what is going to go down is a little skewed. I will sit where I am sitting now, click "Add to Cart" then "Check Out" and have the item(s) be hand delivered to my doorstep, most likely for free.

Of course, later on in the day I will go to a local store and trample a bunch of people, but just because it will be a Friday and that's what I do every Friday.

Avatar image for Geminon


you dont like cheap games and great deals? wow.... rich guy over here.

Avatar image for Drilbit777

So am I the only excited that Tales of Xillia is only going to be $20. I wanted to play that game for ages.

Avatar image for Oldboy08

<< LINK REMOVED >> i picked up the limited edition for $40 a couple weeks ago.

Avatar image for IndianaPwns39

<< LINK REMOVED >> Nope! I'll be grabbing a copy for sure.

Avatar image for batman_420

Battlefield 4 at $30.

That's all I needed to see.

Avatar image for DeadrisingX1

That PS3 bundle sounds pretty sweet!

Avatar image for EPaul

that ps3 bundle

Avatar image for lorider25

30 bucks for battlefield that would be a nice pickup.

Avatar image for twisted_outlaw

When can I reserve that Zelda 3DS? I'm canceling my PS4 for that thing.

Avatar image for santinegrete

@Renato Pucci $500 in mine. Damn man, just... damn.

Avatar image for santinegrete

Say what you want about gaming being an expensive hobby or 'I went to college, not my fault you can't afford it' bullshit, this is just sweet.

Avatar image for HyabusaRyu

"a 250GB PlayStation 3 with copies of << LINK REMOVED >> and << LINK REMOVED >> will also go for $200"

now thats a deal !

Avatar image for VenkmanPHD

Hmmm, suddenly I am thinking about Black friday.

Maybe I could find a Wii U for a half-way decent price.

300 is still too much for a glorified HD Gamecube.

Avatar image for twisted_outlaw

<< LINK REMOVED >> I like the Wii-U more than I do the other two consoles. But I'm a PC gamer, and don't see much reason in buying an overpriced console, that will be outdated in 2 years. Seriously, 4k monitors will be the standard for PC gaming in a couple years. Consoles will still be less than 1080p.

I foresee a PS5 and Xbox Two within 5 years.

Avatar image for West123

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> 4k monitors might be around the corner but the games wont be native to 4k lols

Avatar image for comb5

<< LINK REMOVED >> Hilarious.

Avatar image for Psycold

Ugh, more real names from facebook and less gamer names. I hate how the internet is trying to do away with anonymity.