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Microsoft made numerous announcements Wednesday concerning its 1998 lineup. These included several new games and a new addition to the Sidewinder controller line.

Among the announcements was the recent acquisition of VR-1's Ultracorps, which will be available to members of Microsoft's Internet Gaming Zone (which joins VR-1's Fighter Ace, already a part of the IGZ lineup).

Browser-based Ultracorps is a turn-based galactic conquest game in which players plot their moves on a daily basis. Ultracorps is currently in beta test, and interested gamers can sign up by following the link to the right.

Also announced was a WWII combat sim based on the Flight Simulator engine (currently in development under the working title Spitfire), a motocross racing game (with the working title Motocross Madness), and a gamepad code-named Tilt, an intriguing controller which responds to the motion of players' hands.

Click on the thumbnail to view screenshots of Spitfire, Motocross Madness, Urban Assault, and Baseball 3D.

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