Gamestock: More Age II: The Conquerors

Microsoft sends us the logo for its upcoming Age of Kings expansion


Since our report on the expansion yesterday, Microsoft has sent us the logo for the game. What we know so far about the expansion is that it will introduce five new civilizations, give every civilization - old and new - a unique technology, and that it will also offer four new campaigns. Some of these new campaigns will involve the new civilizations, while some will involve civilizations from the original game.

The expansion will also have new multiplayer games and new tile sets, including one called Oasis, which concentrates all wood in the middle of the map. New maps will also be included that mimic the outline of continents like Europe and Asia.

The expansion is slated for a fall 2000 release. Keep reading GameSpot in the coming weeks and months, as we reveal more information about The Conquerors.

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