Gamestock 2001: New Sigma screens

Microsoft shows off Relic's next project--an unusual 3D real-time strategy game.


Impossible Creatures

Earlier today at the Gamestock show in Seattle, Microsoft showed off the next project in development at Relic Entertainment, the creators of Homeworld. The unusual real-time strategy game is titled Sigma: The Adventures of Rex Chance, and it takes place on a series of remote islands in the 1930s. Players face off against an evil madman who has created a new technology. The strange technology lets players create new species of animals by combining different kinds of animals together, and they can then send their armies of mutants to do battle against those of the enemy. For more information about Sigma, take a look at our first impressions article from last year's E3. Sigma: The Adventures of Rex Chance is scheduled for release this Fall.

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