GameSpotting: Pokemon Bank, next Assassin’s Creed Location, and a Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 review!

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 by The_Last_Ride

If you like football and you want to play different modes with it then this might be the game for you. There enough modes to keep anyone who plays it happy. [Full Review]


This week’s featured blog is extra special because it isn’t just a simply blog, but it’s a video blog! GameSpotter darkspineslayer from System Wars decided to take some time to check out PlayStation All Stars. This video goes into some details about how to play, the cast, the game design, and more. Feel free to head to his channel and subscribe, and don’t forget to leave a comment.


In Friday's GameSpot blog, we asked the community to chime in on Microsoft's recent PR motivations. Once again, Mr benleslie5 steps up to the plate and accepts the weekly community challenge. In his blog post, The Good and Bad moves for the Xbox One, benleslie5 doesn't just believe Microsoft's tactics are one sided, but are both good and bad. Check it out for yourself and comment with your thoughts.

Tweet of the Week

Earlier this week, Nintendo announced that they are open to entertaining the idea of completing mergers and acquisitions. Meaning that we might see popular characters like Mario, Samus, and Link on the Xbox or PlayStation. Here’s what JayZawaski670 had to say.

Best Forum Threads

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System Wars

How Will I Afford March? by seanmcloughlin

January was slow for games, sure. But look at all of the things that will be coming out during March! Looks like unless your Richy Rich you might have to make a few hard choices - Join the Discussion.

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Primary Games

Final Fantasy XIV or Elder Scrolls Online by Rcmdawg

Survey time GameSpotters, with two highly anticipated MMO’s about to release this GameSpotter decided to test the waters and ask which one seems better, Final Fantasy XIV or The Elder Scrolls Online - Join the Discussion.

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Pokemon Bank Now Available in Europe and Oceania. by ANIMEguy10034

Good news! The Pokemon Bank is now open with a free 30 day trial and a free Celebi! - Join the Discussion. BONUS! Sign up for the Pokemon X/Y Friend Safari code exchange.

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Online shooter for PS3? by ag179

GameSpot community member, ag179, asks for suggestions for PS3 online shooters. Call of Duty and Battlefeild games seem to be out of the question for him. Can you suggest one of your favorite shooters? Join the Discussion.

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What should the next Assassin’s Creed Location? - Poll by ranbir_flame

We’ve been to the Middle East, Italy, the America’s and the Caribbean, but where should the next Assassin’s Creed game take us? - Join the Discussion.

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What Are You Playing? by Trezay

This GameSpotter asks a short and simple question, what’cha playing? So far quite a few have said that they’re playing Blizzards latest Beta Bombshell, Hearthstone. So how ‘bout it? What are you playing? - Join the Discussion.

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