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Welcome to another edition of GameSpotting, where we come at you fast and furious with our own special brand of stylish, hard editorials.


Welcome to another edition of GameSpotting, where we come at you fast and furious with our own special brand of stylish, hard editorials. This week's edition covers media critics, obligation to your online guilds, enabling 1080i in Gran Turismo 4, and the scourge of ridiculously long titles for games.

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No Caption Provided I Used to Hate Mick LaSalle
Greg Kasavin/Executive Editor
"Look at the highest echelons of the scientific community and then look at the basest, most violent gang, and I guarantee you you'd find similar social patterns even in those cases."

No Caption Provided It's Like Being on a Sports Team. Except You Get Fatter, Not Fitter.
Bob Colayco/Features Editor
"I used to wonder how people could become attached to and feel an affinity for their clans or guilds."

No Caption Provided Substantive Posting!
Avery Score/Assistant Editor, Mobile Games
Avery waxes poetic on persistent-world games.

No Caption Provided 1080i in Disguise?
Sarju Shah/Associate Hardware Editor
"When you tell me that the PlayStation 2 outputs 1080i with Gran Turismo 4, that's going to start raising alarm bells."

No Caption Provided Isn't It About Time for the Ladies to Get on Board?
Kurt Collins/Associate Software Engineer
"I can't help but wonder if now isn't the time to get women more deeply involved in this land of testosterone-filled chest-thumping."

No Caption Provided Revenge of the Genre
Jason Ocampo/Associate PC Editor
"Remember how a couple of years ago, wags proclaimed that the traditional one-hour scripted drama on television was dead?"

No Caption Provided Overly Long Game Titles are Like Sticking Features on a Snake
"Who even cares to put the 'Combat Evolved' after Halo anyway? What does that even mean?"

No Caption Provided Featured Community Review - Star Fox: Assault
-CANUCK-/Featured Reviewer
"Under no circumstances can Star Fox: Assault be recommended to anyone. It's too brief and unenjoyable to be worth purchasing."

No Caption Provided Sword? Or Guns?
Dante/Demon Hunter
"I have enough trouble deciding which weapon to use when I fight demons. Thank goodness for GameSpot Hardware, or else I'd never figure out which steering wheel to buy for Gran Turismo 4."

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