GameSpotting March Madness

It's March. That means college basketball teams around the country are fighting for their lives and bringing their A-game in order to get to the big dance.


It's March. That means college basketball teams around the country are fighting for their lives and bringing their A-game in order to get to the big dance. At GameSpot, we bring mad game every week, but with events like the Game Developers Conference happening two blocks away from us, we take it up to the next level. We must protect this house! In this week's edition, GameSpot editors talk about issues like pretentiousness in game journalism and the future of the industry with the new platforms arriving this year.

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No Caption Provided It's Not About You, or: "It's Not About Me"
Greg Kasavin/Executive Editor
"A good writer is someone whose writing you can relate to, as opposed to someone whose writing goes over your head. People who write about games should strive for clarity."

No Caption Provided Battleground or Business as Usual?
Jeff Gerstmann/Senior Editor
"Consolidation seems more and more like it'll be the battleground for the next generation. The bigger companies have already been going around and snapping stuff up."

No Caption Provided Game Developers Conference Is Here
Andrew Park/Senior Editor
"I find the idea of separate "physics accelerator" hardware just as surprising as you do. But 15 years ago, I'm not sure I would have expected the 3D GPU market (complete with the Nvidia vs. ATI rivalry) to become what it is today either."

No Caption Provided My Cold, Dead Hands
Brian Ekberg/Sports Editor
"When compared to my musical tastes, my gaming preferences have remained largely steady for the majority of my life."

No Caption Provided The Game Boy 2
Ryan Davis/Associate Producer
"Despite being monochromatic (black and white--or, more accurately, green and gray), the original Game Boy was a tidy platform for smooshed down versions of NES games."

No Caption Provided Spiral, Part One
Avery Score/Assistant Editor, Mobile Games
"Here's the first installment of what I hope to be a lengthy videogame storyline."

No Caption Provided Controllers Are Unnecessarily Difficult for the Average Consumer
Jeremy Yerby/Guestspotter
"For Sony to be the industry leader as well as arguably having the highest penetration among 'non-gamers,' they have the least intuitive controller on the market."

No Caption Provided Featured Community Review - Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30
Visi0naries/Featured Reviewer
"Although it's not the best World War II shooter out there, it's quite honestly the most realistic."

No Caption Provided Dunk Me
The Rock/Orange Ball
"There's one of me in most peoples' closets or garages. No one bothers listing me in any collections. But you should definitely keep track of your video games, using GameSpot's handy collection feature!"

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