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GameSpotting at the Movies

GameSpotting Live makes its triumphant debut for 2005.


GameSpotting Live makes its triumphant debut for 2005 with GameSpotting at the Movies! We've heard your demands for more episodes, so we have heeded the call with a new set of skits, sure to make you laugh. Whether it's at us or with us is another question altogether, but we'll take what we can get. These videos range from Ryan and Jeff's time-traveling adventures to Bob's bowling addiction to an alternate reality-universe based on Resident Evil 4. Which one is your favorite? Let us know by voicing your opinion on the forums!

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No Caption Provided Time Trotters
Rich Gallup/Features Producer, GameSpot Live
"Watch Ryan and Jeff travel through time to save classic games from destruction!"

No Caption Provided Ultimate Fighting Game Champion
Brian Ekberg/Sports Editor
"His was a simple dream: to be the world's greatest fighting expert. It was also a stupid dream."

No Caption Provided The GameSpot Advantage
Greg Kasavin/Executive Editor
"What's the 'secret sauce' that gives GameSpot its competitive edge? Get an insider's look at the GameSpot Labs in this exclusive, never-before-seen, behind-the-scenes video to see where the magic happens!"

No Caption Provided Why Do We Play It?
Avery Score/Assistant Editor, Mobile Games
"We made a movie about the addictive qualities of World of Warcraft, and didn't do some lame Alcoholics Anonymous parody."

No Caption Provided It's What's Inside That Counts
Bob Colayco/Features Editor
"Sometimes it isn't the most attractive game that holds our attention the longest."

No Caption Provided GameSpot Cribbing - The Three Stooges
Jason Ocampo/Associate PC Editor
Craig Beers/Project Manager
"Jason and Craig show off their apartment in this episode of cribs."

No Caption Provided If Real Life Were Like Resident Evil 4...
Avery Score/Assistant Editor, Mobile Games
"What if Leon S. Kennedy were Avery A. Score, and GameSpot were a division of Raccoon City's STARS?"

No Caption Provided A Beautiful Mind
Ron Howard/Director
"I may be an Oscar-winning director, but I still haven't been on GameSpot Live. Head over there now and watch some videos instead of checking me out on old Happy Days re-runs!"

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