GameSpotting: 5 annoying video game enemies, Femme Fatales in PS3 games, and most anticipated game for Xbox in 2014.

Today on the GameSpot Blog; as we share 5 annoying video game enemies, Femme Fatales in PS3 games, and the communities most anticipated game for Xbox in 2014.


Our community takes pride in the content they create and we want to share all of the awesome with everyone. Last week’s showcase motivated GameSpottters to create content and spend more time in our forums. GREAT SUCCESS! Our staff loves to read your work, so keep that content coming. If not, we will come find it! We have our ways ::evil laugh::


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5 Annoying Video Game Enemies by Kidkenobi

Some games leave a bad taste after you battle annoying NPCs. Kidkenobi narrows down his top 5 most annoying game enemies. Do you agree with his choices? Check it out for yourself.


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The Last of Us by SoNin360

The Last of Us comfortably lives up to Naughty Dog’s reputation; Furthermore, it manages to exceed it by not only emerging as a game of the year contender, but a game of the generation contender as well - Full Review.


Last Friday, we challenged you to tell us about your Steam Early Access impressions, after sifting through the entries this weeks Community Champion is none other than benleslie5 for his great blog about what Steam Early Access means for the future of games.


This morning we mentioned that Ubisoft was teasing potential settings for the next Assassin’s Creed game, one of those options was of course feudal Japan, here’s what DALE had to say about it.


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System Wars

The 30 Big Vita Games of 2014
by Slashkice

If you're a proud Vita owner and you're curious about what games you can looking forward to this year, here's are 30 big games to be on the look out for - Join the discussion.

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Games Discussion

Why It's Time for a Hardcore Dragon Ball Fighter
by StevenDaReal18

Hardcore fighters are awesome, Dragon Ball is pretty cool, so the two combined should be amazing right? - Join the discussion.

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Does Satoru Iwata Need to Step Down at Nintendo?
by widdowson91

With questionable decisions being made and an empire starting to tilt, some are wondering if Satoru Iwata should step down from Nintendo - Join the discussion.
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PS3 Games with a Female Protagonist
by Rastafunrise

Do you like playing as a femme fatale, a buxom beauty, or simply a female protagonist? Here are a few great PlayStation games with strong leading ladies - Join the Discussion.
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Which is your most anticipated game on Xbox for 2014?
by doubalfa

What are you excited to play on the Xbox this year? Join our community as they discuss what they're hyped for in 2014 - Join the discussion.
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Best Laptops for Gaming
by OldManWade

While you might not be into traditional mobile gaming, gaming laptops are becoming a bigger trend with players on the go - Join the discussion.

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