GameSpotter Search of 2010!

It's the hunt for the GameSpotter of 2010!


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The GameSpotter of 2010 is a person with his or her eye on the future. Have you read a really great suggestion about improving the site in the past year? Heck! Did you even post that suggestion? Posts from our blogs and site-enhancement forum are gold mines for innovative ideas for making GameSpot an even better destination for gamers everywhere!

Here’s your chance to champion one idea that was suggested in 2010.

Step 1) Take a look at the site-enhancements forum or someone's former blog post and choose your favorite suggestion.

Step 2) Send an e-mail to community staff with a link to the suggestion and tell us in 300 words or fewer why this idea is so brilliant that we should adopt it right away.

Step 3) Sit back and have some hot cocoa as our staff reviews your submissions and selects one tear-inducing endorsement that blows us away and causes us to rethink reality on the site as we know it.

Step 4) Cheer for the lucky winner of the GameSpotter of 2010 ultimate gaming pack--full to the brim with a cornucopia of gaming-related schwag and a special emblem on his or her profile. Don’t worry; we’ll also give some profile points to the person who came up with the original idea, even if it’s you!

Step 5) Head immediately to your blog and brag about your coronation as GameSpotter of 2010 and receive of a whole lot of gaming schwag!


- Original suggestion must have been posted on the site between 12:01 a.m. PT on January 1, 2010, and 11:59 p.m. PT on December 31, 2010.

- Brevity is key to championing an idea. Any e-mail submissions longer than 300 words will cause us to pass out on our delete key and lose your entry. The original suggestion (forum discussion/blog) you link to can be any length.

- Entries must include your GameSpot username, mailing address (we’re not going to stalk you; we just don’t want to lose the schwag). We don’t care where you live; all earth-based GameSpot members may participate.

- Only one entry per user. Yes, even if you have schizophrenia.

- Do not share your ideas in your blog because it may put your entry at a disadvantage if another ninja tries to steal your endorsement (some gamers can be shifty people).

- Your entry might be displayed publicly (Would your mother be proud of this entry?). Be sure to spell check and check for grammatical errors.

- Entry must be received by January 17 at 10 a.m. PT.

Tips for aspiring GameSpotters of 2010:

1) An op-ed format is encouraged, but it's not required. We want you to really think about your endorsement and share every possible angle about why it will improve you and other GameSpot members’ experience on the site.

2) As you are writing, ask yourself: Why do I think this idea will greatly enhance my experience on the site?

Questions? Issues? Concerns? Moral objections! Ask in the competition forum.

Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Email

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