GameSpotter of 2009

The GameSpotter of 2009 is chosen by GameSpot's community!


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The GameSpotter of 2009 honor goes to SolidTy with 68 votes. He will be featured in the member spotlight until a new person is chosen this coming Friday.

Each vote gives the following users 1,000 points toward their profile level too! Those who voted for a GameSpotter of the year also received 5,000 points for taking the time to participate in this little activity.

68000 SolidTy
42000 david_lck
38000 TreyoftheDead
32000 Garrison_Ford
32000 Safad0
30000 Wootex
26000 buft
20000 PixelHunter
18000 GameBlender
12000 ClayMeow
12000 DouglasBuffone
12000 Setho10
10000 Bozanimal
10000 Sandpiper121PP
8000 bacchus2
8000 laughlyn12
8000 Brianfox1
6000 Drfish62
6000 sequekhan
6000 Tyzwain
4000 AnelZukic
4000 Earththatwas
4000 ehsan8888
4000 ErrolJames
4000 finalcross
4000 masterpinky2000
4000 Pooyanh
4000 Arcticcop
2000 rykh

Let's make your 2010 blogs count! Make sure your About Me pages have text even if it isn’t much. When users don't have an About Me page filled out, they are less likely to be featured because the member spotlight on the forums page highlights this information.

If you want to know what attracts staff to your blogs, read about how to get featured in the Soapbox, because it describes how the member spotlights are chosen.

On a side note, I plan to do some weeding out of Soapbox users in a couple of weeks. If you have the Soapbox emblem in your profile, check to see when you last flagged an editorial blog. If it is has been more than a year since you flagged an editorial blog, it’s highly likely your Soapbox access and emblem will expire.

For those of you who have asked about an emblem for this activity, I have contacted the design staff to see if they have any time to create an emblem or two. I can't make any promises just yet. If they do get around to creating an emblem, it won't be ready for at least two weeks. I'll see if I can get a confirmation about this soon. Happy 2010!

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