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GameSpot's Live Photo Stream: Tokyo Game Show 2009

The crew is in Tokyo! For the Game Show that's in Tokyo!


The team has landed in Tokyo for one of the largest and most anticipated events of the year: the Tokyo Game Show. Nestled in one of the most technologically advanced cities on the planet, which is home to more than a few game developers, the show cannot disappoint. The Tokyo Game Show runs from September 24 to 27, so be sure to come back to see what has happened over the next few days!

Pre TGS fun in Akihabara

We've had our feet on the ground in Tokyo for the past few days, and we just had to take a look around. You would think the show had started already, but life here is actually a video game. Photographers: Brian Ekberg, Sophia Tong View images »

The Toys and Arcades

Japan is filled with awesome little goodies and amazing arcades. Take a peek at some of the bits and bobs we found. Photographers: Brian Ekberg, Randolph Ramsay, Sophia Tong View images »


KOEI was gracious enough to give us a tour of its facilities. The maker of Dynasty Warriors and Nobunaga's Ambition has quite a spread. The result is a mix of modern bustle with a dash of old-school tranquility. Photographers: Jan Meja Heir ,Ricardo Torres View images »

PSPgo Accessories

The PSPgo's almost ready to launch. It's only natural that Sony would introduce some goodies to go with it. Photographers: Ricardo Torres View images »


What's a trade show without game related toys? Check out all the Mario and Final Fantasy related goodies. Photographers: Randolph Ramsay, Sophia Tong View images »

Show Floor

Tokyo Game Show is filled with elaborate booths and gigantic signage to match. Fancy cars - check. Big fighting statues - check. Gigantic slimes and chocobos - double check. Photographers: Brian Ekberg, Shaun McInnis,Randolph Ramsay, Sophia Tong View images »

Big Booths

Sometimes you have to step back to take in just how crazy the place is. The size and scale of the major booths is pretty hard to grasp from up close. Photographers: Brian Ekberg, Sophia Tong View images »


Editors get tired from time to time. And even then, they're snapping away. Photographers: Sophia Tong, Tyler Winegarner View images »


The weekend hits and all the cosplayers come to show off their elaborate getups. We're not even sure we got all of them! Photographers: Laura Parker, Randolph Ramsay, Sophia Tong, Ricardo Torres, Tyler Winegarner View images »


The show has so many things going on at once. We sent some of our folks in to try and capture little goings on and get close up shots of some of the more interesting signs and objects. Photographers: Jan Meja Heir, Ricardo Torres, Tyler Winegarner View images »

Polyphony Digital Tour

The makers of Gran Turismo gave us a peek into their offices. Photographers: Brian Ekberg, Tyler Winegarner View images »

The Big View

Check out where the Tokyo Game Show happens from the outside and what it looks like from afar once inside. Photographers: Jan Meja Heir, Tyler Winegarner View images »

More Cosplay

A whole new batch of cosplayers, but we couldn't resist snapping a few of more of the elephant man. Photographers: Brian Ekberg, Laura Parker, Sophia Tong View images »

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