GameSpot's Live Photo Stream: GamesCom 2009

GamesCom begins and our cameras start flashing. Check out the stream to see what the show looks like.

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It's only GamesCom's first year as a trade show, and it's already slated to be Europe's largest gaming convention. We're going to try to shoot it from all angles to give you an idea of what's happening on the ground in Cologne, Germany. The show runs from August 19 to 23, so be sure to come back and see what's happened throughout the week, as we'll be updating the photo stream on a constant basis.

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SCEE Conference

Sony came to Cologne with more than a few tricks up its sleeve. The company unveiled the PlayStation 3 Slim, Minis and comics for the PSP, and a whole host of games. Click here for full coverage of the press conference and click onward for the shots. Photographer: Luke Anderson View images »
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PlayStation 3 Slim

Moments after the Slim was unveiled in Germany, one rolled into GameSpot's offices in San Francisco. We sat down and had a quick photo session with the svelte new console and compared it to more than a few of its predecessors. Photographer: Sarju Shah View images »
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GamesCom Begins

The show is finally underway, and we've got a small glimpse of what's to come. Our intrepid photographers quickly wandered the floor to grab a few choice shots of the floor. Photographers: Luke Anderson, Guy Cocker View images »
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Music Fun!

GamesCom is literally filled with music-related and music-themed games. We saw folks tapping away on DDR and belting out songs on SingStar. Crowd favorites like Guitar Hero 5 and The Beatles: Rock Band also made appearances. And who can resist another shot of DJ Hero girl? Photographer: Shaun McInnis View images »
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Nintendo and Friends

Wii Sports Resort took up some solid space at Nintendo's booth. Scribblenauts continues to look better than ever, and the team between Sega and Nintendo for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games generated quite a funky life-size snow globe for photo ops. Photographer: Shaun McInnis View images »
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Sony brought its "A" games to GamesCom, and we're not just talking about the unveiling of the PS3 Slim. Gran Turismo 5 had people clambering for a chance to race through a few tracks, and Invizimals had one of the most intriguing booth setups we've seen in a while. Sackboy also made an appearance and was quite the crowd pleaser. Photographer: Shaun McInnis View images »
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Scenes From the Floor

GamesCom has no shortage of interesting sights to see. Fancy cars, interesting costumes, and strange play setups litter the floor. We're also guessing Nerf is begging for a lawsuit with its setup. Photographer: Shaun McInnis View images »

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