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Our weekly peek over the horizon to PC CD-ROM titles that will hit the shelves in the coming months.


Welcome to GameSpot's Game Forecast, a weekly peek over the horizon to PC CD-ROM titles that will hit the shelves in the coming months. All dates are tentative. Please send corrections, additions, or comments to .

Coming in July

Aaron vs. RuthPublisher: MindscapeDeveloper: MindscapeHank and the Babe in a battle of the bats

Achtung: Spitfire!Publisher: Avalon HillDeveloper: Avalon HillWorld War II strategy

The Ardennes OffensivePublisher: SSIDeveloper: SSGA chapter in the decisive battles of World War II

Atomic BombermanPublisher: InterplayDeveloper: InterplayHudson's console action puzzler hits the PC

BattleTech: Mech CommanderPublisher: MicroProseDeveloper: FASAFASA takes command of this strategy title

Betrayal in AntaraPublisher: Sierra On-LineDeveloper: Sierra On-LineThe follow-up to Betrayal at Krondor. Pushed back from June BirthrightPublisher: Sierra On-LineDeveloper: Sierra On-LineRole-playing and action combine in the AD&D universe

Blood Omen: Legacy of KainPublisher: ActivisionDeveloper: Crystal DynamicsThe PlayStation's blood-sucking action-adventure

CarmageddonPublisher: InterplayDeveloper: Sales Curve InteractiveA violent take on auto racing

CreaturesPublisher: MindscapeDeveloper: MindscapeFunky critters invade your PC

Crush! DeluxePublisher: MegamediaDeveloper: Stone Jackal StudiosTurn-based fantasy football strategy game

Die by the SwordPublisher: InterplayDeveloper: Treyarch InventionHack-and-slash sword fighting

Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle CollectionPublisher: MicrosoftDeveloper: Mir DialogueTetris creator Alexey Pajitnov delivers ten new desktop puzzles

Extreme AssaultPublisher: Blue ByteDeveloper: Blue ByteHi-tech 3-D helicopter action

Faery Tale Adventure 2Publisher: IgniteDeveloper: The Dreamer's GuildOld-school isometric fantasy role-playing

Galactic ConquestPublisher: Studio 3DODeveloper: Studio 3DOEpic space strategy

Hardball 6Publisher: AccoladeDeveloper: AccoladeThe baseball legacy continues

iF-22 RaptorDeveloper: Interactive MagicPublisher: Interactive MagicFlight sim featuring the high-tech air superiority fighter

KickOff 97Publisher: MaxisDeveloper: MaxisPopular European soccer game comes to the US

Lands of Lore: Guardians of DestinyPublisher: Virgin Interactive EntertainmentDeveloper: Westwood StudiosSequel to Westwood's fantasy adventure

Outpost 2Publisher: Sierra On-LineDeveloper: DynamixPlanetary conquest sequel cleans up after its predecessor

Pacific GeneralPublisher: SSIDeveloper: SSIIt's the United States vs. Japan in World War II naval strategy

Pro PilotPublisher: Sierra On-LineDeveloper: DynamixWant to learn how to fly? Pushed back from June

SU-27 Flanker Mission PackDeveloper: SSIPublisher: SSIImproved visuals and over 150 missions highlight this flight sim add-on

Virtual SpringfieldPublisher: Fox InteractiveDeveloper: Fox InteractiveJoin Homer and company in a visit to the Simpsons' hometown

X-COM III: ApocalypsePublisher: MicroProseDeveloper: MicroProseEagerly awaited sci-fi strategy sequel goes real-time

Coming in August

CaptivesPublisher: Sierra On-LineDeveloper: Sierra On-LineA frantic race to free hostages from alien clutches

The CondemnedPublisher: MicrosoftDeveloper: Gray Matter, Inc.Command a fully customizable death machine

Dark ColonyPublisher: SSIDeveloper: GametekViolent realtime strategy action, with humans versus aliens

Descent to UndermountainPublisher: InterplayDeveloper: InterplayThe TSR AD&D license meets the Descent 3-D engine

FalloutPublisher: InterplayDeveloper: InterplayAn RPG set after the nuclear holocaust

Flying Nightmares IIPublisher: Eidos InteractiveDeveloper: Eidos InteractiveEidos' combat flight sim gets a sequel

Heavy GearPublisher: ActivisionDeveloper: ActivisionThe MechWarrior 2 team takes on a new kind of mech

Island of Dr. MoreauPublisher: PsygnosisDeveloper: PsygnosisHG Wells' horror novel comes to life

Jedi KnightPublisher: LucasArtsDeveloper: LucasArtsDark Forces' sequel gets a polygonal makeover. Pushed back from July

Pax Imperia: Eminent DomainPublisher: TH*QDeveloper: HeliotropeThe next chapter of the sci-fi strategy game

RebellionPublisher: LucasArtsDeveloper: Coolhand InteractiveReal-time strategy in the Star Wars universe

StarcraftPublisher: BlizzardDeveloper: BlizzardThe makers of Warcraft 2 look to the cosmos

War Inc.Publisher: Interactive MagicDeveloper: OpticCustom-make your war in this real-time strategy title

Warlords IIIPublisher: BroderbundDeveloper: Strategic Studies GroupA devilishly intelligent AI and more is promised in this strategy game

Coming in September

AcrophobiaPublisher: Sierra On-LineDeveloper: Sierra On-LineMaster the art of the acronym in this multiplayer word game

Black DahliaPublisher: Take 2 InteractiveDeveloper: Take 2 InteractiveOccult adventure set in the 1940s

CyberStorm 2: Corp WarsPublisher: Sierra On-LineDeveloper: DynamixEarthSiege strategy sequel goes real-time. Pushed up from October

Civil War GeneralsPublisher: Sierra On-LineDeveloper: Sierra On-LineWar strategy sequel to Robert E. Lee

Dark ReignPublisher: ActivisionDeveloper: ActivisionFuturistic real-time strategy. Pushed back from June

DeliriumPublisher: InterplayDeveloper: InterplayCyberspace adventure mixes plot with puzzles

Demon IslePublisher: Sierra On-LineDeveloper: Sierra On-LineTake on the seven temples of evil in this 3-D fantasy action game

Flight Unlimited 2Publisher: Looking Glass TechnologiesDeveloper: Looking Glass TechnologiesSequel promises gorgeous graphics and real flight model

Flight Simulator 98Publisher: MicrosoftDeveloper: MicrosoftFamous flight sim sports Direct3D, force feedback, Internet play and a newhelicopter

Front Page Sports: Ski RacingPublisher: Sierra On-LineDeveloper: Sierra On-LineFast-paced downhill skiing action

Hexen IIPublisher: ActivisionDeveloper: Raven SoftwareAssassin, Necromancer, Paladin, and Crusader invade the Quake engine. Pushed back from July

MythPublisher: Bungie SoftwareDeveloper: Bungie SoftwareGet set for an all-out epic medieval battle

NFL Legends '98Publisher: AccoladeDeveloper: AccoladeAn anachronistic look at the pigskin

Of Light and DarknessPublisher: InterplayDeveloper: InterplayAdventure title boasts gorgeous surreal graphics

PictionaryPublisher: Hasbro InteractiveDeveloper: Hasbro InteractiveYet another blockbuster parlor game for the PC

Red Baron IIPublisher: Sierra On-LineDeveloper: DynamixTake to the World War I skies in the much-vaunted Red Baron sequel

SideWinder Force Feedback ProPublisher: MicrosoftDeveloper: MicrosoftMicrosoft delivers a whole new feel to games

Star Trek: Starfleet AcademyPublisher: InterplayDeveloper: InterplayTake the helm of a Starfleet capital ship. Pushed back from July

Ultima OnlinePublisher: Origin SystemsDeveloper: Origin SystemsThe role-playing legacy goes the way of the Internet. Beta discs are now shipping!

WarbreedsPublisher: BroderbundDeveloper: BroderbundCommand genetically engineered beasts in this strategy title

Coming in October

3D Ultra Pinball: The Lost ContinentPublisher: Sierra On-LineDeveloper: Sierra On-LineRealistic pinball action, featuring a full-screen display

Age of EmpiresPublisher: MicrosoftDeveloper: Ensemble StudiosTake control of one of 12 civilizations and decide how you want to rule the world

Baseball 3DPublisher: Microsoft Developer: WizBang!Direct3D required, MMX enhanced, force feedback enabled - a technology tour-de-force

Broken Sword: The Smoking MirrorPublisher: Virgin InteractiveDeveloper: RevolutionGeorge and Nico are back in this sequel to Circle of Blood

Dilbert's Desktop GamesPublisher: DreamWorksDeveloper: Cyclops SoftwareJoin the befuddled engineer in a number of quickie time killers

Drachen ZorDeveloper: 8th Wonder GamesPublisher: SouthPeak InteractiveSci-fi 3-D fighter features open-ended arenas

Front Page Sports: Football Pro '98Publisher: Sierra On-LineDeveloper: Sierra On-LineMotion-captured visuals and more highlight Sierra's latest sports sim

Front Page Sports: Trophy RiversPublisher: Sierra On-LineDeveloper: Sierra On-LineThe sport of fly fishing comes to the PC

GolgothaPublisher: Crack Dot ComDeveloper: Crack Dot ComThe real-time strategy game meets the first-person shooter

Lords of MagicPublisher: Sierra On-LineDeveloper: ImpressionsLords of the Realm takes a fantasy twist

Meridian 59: RevelationsPublisher: 3DODeveloper: Studio 3DOThe second expansion to the Internet RPG

Outlaw RacersPublisher: MegamediaDeveloper: MegamediaRace as fast as you can, and soup up your ride with your winnings

Populous: The Third ComingPublisher: Electronic ArtsDeveloper: BullfrogPlay God in the Third Coming

RivenPublisher: BroderbundDeveloper: CyanThe anxiously awaited sequel to Myst

Screamin' Demons Over EuropePublisher: ActivisionDeveloper: Parsoft InteractiveThe A-10 Cuba! team targets World War II

SideWinder Precision ProPublisher: MicrosoftDeveloper: MicrosoftThe successor to the SideWinder 3D Pro joystick

SimCity 3000Publisher: MaxisDeveloper: MaxisNext generation the successful SimCity line

SODA Off Road RacingPublisher: Sierra On-LineDeveloper: Sierra On-LineBlast through muck and mire with this truck racing sim

Temujin: The Capricorn CollectionPublisher: SouthPeak InteractiveDeveloper: SouthPeak InteractiveUncover the mysteries of Ghengis Khan in this graphic adventure

UnrealPublisher: GT InteractiveDeveloper: Epic MegagamesEverything you liked about Quake and more

UprisingPublisher: Studio 3DODeveloper: CycloneReal-time strategy enters the third dimension

You Don't Know Jack Volume 3Publisher: Berkeley SystemsDeveloper: JellyvisionThe big third installment for the hit electronic game show

You Don't Know Jack TelevisionPublisher: Berkeley SystemsDeveloper: JellyvisionOne trivia game, 50 years of television history

Zork Grand InquisitorPublisher: ActivisionDeveloper: ActivisionZork returns to its whimsical roots

Coming in November

Blade RunnerPublisher: VirginDeveloper: WestwoodThe cult classic movie hits the PC

Close Combat: A Bridge Too FarPublisher: MicrosoftDeveloper: AtomicThe sequel to Close Combat - can you win Operation Market Garden? Pushed back from October

The Elder Scrolls Adventures: RedguardPublisher: Bethesda SoftworksDeveloper: Bethesda SoftworksAdventure set in the world of Daggerfall

Half-LifePublisher: Sierra On-LineDeveloper: Sierra On-Line3-D action title features the enhanced, accelerated Quake engine

Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of HeavenPublisher: 3DODeveloper: New World ComputingThe RPG legacy enters the third dimension

Panzer General IIPublisher: SSIDeveloper: SSITake control of a tank battalion

Police Quest: SWAT 2Publisher: Sierra On-LineDeveloper: Sierra On-LineCommand a SWAT team - or the terrorist they're up against. Pushed back from October

Quest for Glory: Dragon FirePublisher: Sierra On-LineDeveloper: Sierra On-LineThe latest chapter in the series features a full 3-D world

Steel Panthers IIIPublisher: SSIDeveloper: SSIThe third installment of the prized military strategy series

X-FightersPublisher: Sierra On-LineDeveloper: DynamixDesign your own aircraft and take it to battle. Pushed up from December

Coming in December

Army MenPublisher: 3DODeveloper: Studio 3DOPlastic soldiers take to the battlefield

Baldur's GatePublisher: InterplayDeveloper: BioWareExpansive RPG set in the Forgotten Realms universe

CART Precision RacingPublisher: MicrosoftDeveloper: Terminal Reality Inc.Microsoft steps into the pits with real Indy car racing

The Curse of Monkey IslandPublisher: LucasArtsDeveloper: LucasArtsLeChuck is back for more in the third installment of this classic series

DaikatanaPublisher: Eidos InteractiveDeveloper: ION StormION Storm's first title adds role-playing elements to 3-D action

EarthSiege 3Publisher: Sierra On-LineDeveloper: DynamixMechWarrior's big contender returns

Falcon 4.0Publisher: MicroproseDeveloper: MicroproseFlight sim sequel has big shoes to fill

King's Quest: Mask of EternityPublisher: Sierra On-LineDeveloper: Sierra On-LineRoberta Williams' adventure saga takes a polygonal approach

M.A.X. 2Publisher: InterplayDeveloper: InterplayCustom control and other innovations highlight this realtime strategy sequel

Quake IIPublisher: id SoftwareDeveloper: id Software3-D action sequel needs no introduction

TrespasserPublisher: DreamWorksDeveloper: DreamWorksEscape from the 'saurs in this Lost World sequel

Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the ClansPublisher: BlizzardDeveloper: BlizzardOrcish adventure side story for the strategy hit

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