GameSpot's Best of Show Winners for E3 2013

SITE NEWS: Staff-curated list features 12 games including Battlefield 4, The Crew, Fantasia: Music Evolved, and Destiny, among others.


Battlefield 4

Now that the show has ended, what were the best games of E3 2013?

GameSpot editors have chosen our favorite games from this year's show, finalizing a list of 12 titles highlighted below.

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Games up for nomination had to be playable in some form, whether by GameSpot or during a live presentation.

Battlefield 4
Bayonetta 2
Fantasia: Music Evolved
Forza Motorsport 5
Mario Kart 8
Rayman Legends
The Crew
The Division
The Witcher 3
Watch Dogs

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no award for ps4 exclusive games :)

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Bayonetta 2 is my choice~

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Must add I would buy more games if they would all be released for PC...

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make burnout sound real let cops chest your car kill people on rode kill people in the car run over blood be ever where you tagtem

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you people should bring this game out bit up graed this tag tem more kill more black get black eye more voodoo evil spire kill cheher other you spared kill moves sit on fire or kick out the ring faitled

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@vshingles "you people should bring this game out bit up graed this tag tem more kill more black get black eye more voodoo evil spire kill cheher other you spared kill moves sit on fire or kick out the ring faitled "


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Titanfall was my personal game of show for E3 2013. It looked amazing. The graphics, the framerate, the mechs. At this point, I don't even need a story to tie it together. Just give me a big mech and let me destroy my enemies!

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I feel like im taking crazy pills? there is nothing new on xbox controller only replaced start and select buttons

I would say the best controllers go in this order NINTENDO-1


computer keyboard-3

playing with my self-4

xbox kennect-5

and then xbox1 controller -6

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The Witcher 3, The Division, and Watch Dogs definitely look like the "Best of Show" for now. It's interesting to note that all 3 are multiplats.

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mark of kri n shenmue!!!

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yeah shenmue 3!!!!

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Where are yu Shenmue 3?

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It is!!! He play "Maurice" in the new game "Watch Dogs"

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At 1:25 into this video is that guy: Christopher Jacot? The actor who play "larry" in "Eureka"...

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Wheres MGSV??????????

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@diaz3 This is for games with playable demos only.

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Why don't you people just stop arguing, for once save 1.000 dollars and BUY THE BOTH DAMN CONSOLES!

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@reanor2 why, i'm getting a ps4 and could care less what the fanboys think. That goes for ps fanboys and xbots.

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@reanor2 because everyone can afford that...

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@The_Last_Ride @reanor2 If you can afford one console that costs that much money you can afford another one too in couple of months...

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@reanor2 @The_Last_Ride I'll just stop eating, lighting my house and running my car then. I know what your saying, but tbh they are so close in specs that getting one console will be enough.

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PEOPLE, Sony only mentioned the price for THE STANDARD PS4 (The Pro Pack) so if you want the PS4 that meets the same standards as the XBOX ONE?! You'll be paying 100 more than the XBOX ONE. But the biased editors on this website WONT TELL YOU THAT! USED SONY games aren't restricted to sell and trade, NOT ALL GAMES! That's the developers decision to make. NOT SONYS! Sony basically FUCKED ALL OF YOU by not telling you THE WHOLE TRUTH! PS3 ALL OVER AGAIN!

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@Soul_Vanish"Sony only mentioned the price for THE STANDARD PS4 (The Pro Pack) so if you want the PS4 that meets the same standards as the XBOX ONE?! You'll be paying 100 more than the XBOX ONE."

You got a source for this? Used games are ultimately going to be up to developers and publishers anyways, as it should be, not the console makers.

As for you, I'm skeptical of anyone who claims to have "the truth" in all caps with no source. You're coming off very much like a conspiracy theorist crackpot.

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He probably works for M$, there have been many of these types of posts all of a sudden on many websites, I have also noticed many anti-M$ threads on many websites are being taken down. All you have to do to find out about what people actually think is open your eyes and read, but for some reason some people would want a hot pile of steaming crap delivered directly to their chest if M$ was the one doing the crapping. Anyone who can truly think for themselves and cares about the consumer rights that have been common place sense gaming consoles were first created would never buy the XB1. There are so so many reasons why M$'s new DRM will kill the gaming industry that we love if it is implemented by everyone, thankfully M$ was the only company greedy enough to do this. I could list many of the reasons M$'s DRM will kill gaming as we know it however that is a vary long list, but if someone wants me to I will. I thought I should leave some assorted links that are vary interesting, they can help people understand the type of company M$ is and the real direction M$ wants to go with the XB1 (it's not primarily for gamers.) You will also see some of M$'s tricks to make people think one thing when it's really another. Then there is evidence that the XB1 is having problems with it's architecture which is most likely why M$ couldn't run the real XB1 at E3. So if you're a Sony fan I would read this to confirm your good choice this gen and if your a M$ fan you would be stupid not to read this before you invest your money into something that might just become M$'s next big fail in their long line of fails. Also if you're going to buy an XB1 and you're going to ignore these links, I would recommend at the vary least you look at the first link to see if you live in one of the 21 states that will work with the XB1.

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@skiggy29 @Ne-Plus-Ultra As consumers we are asking for a choice, we Want and will vote with our money Internet connection and NO connection.

MS doing this for only reason MORE money, like they need anymore.

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@this3ndup @Ne-Plus-Ultra

If it's from the Onion then sorry, I have looked at the website and there is no ties to the Onion I can find. If you know of a way to verify that it is tied to the Onion I would appreciate a link or tell me a way to verify it myself. It really isn't relevant anymore but I would still like to know how you linked it to the Onion because normally it is really easy if you look at the site but this one seems to have no connection to the Onion that is apparent. I've seen some companies do some incredibly ridiculous things in the past and given MS's stupidity lately I wouldn't put it past them. However though it does seem crazier then even MS, but they have done some vary stupid things lately and I mean many things way beyond the XB1.

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@this3ndup @Ne-Plus-Ultra @skiggy29

I'm not so sure about that, I thought one of the big advantages of the XB1 was that you didn't need a disc. At least that is the way it was presented by MS, remember when MS kept saying that you don't need the disc when you play it at your friends house, you just sign in to your account download it and play it, so according to MS's description you would only need to install it once. Also they kept saying you don't have to worry about scratching or losing a disc now that it's on your HDD. Plus it is different from PC gaming now that they allow renting/trading/used games. Now they could have something in mind to prevent people from just copying rented games but I can't think of anyway they could do it. If you remember the day after E3 when people were complaining and asking for the DRM to be removed, it was MS's Major Nelson that said it can't be removed, then after a few days of low pre orders lots of bad PR and mad stock holders All of a sudden MS changed it's mind and took away the DRM, which leads me to assume that MS didn't have a plan for taking away the DRM which would make me assume that MS has no plan in place to prevent people from just renting and copying. I also just read this article that has Phil Spencer mentioning that the XB1 doesn't need discs if you want to check it out.

Avatar image for this3ndup

@Ne-Plus-Ultra @skiggy29 There are other ways of enforcing DRM with disc-based games; you don't just "copy" the disc to your hard drive. You install required data, but the game will probably still require the disc to play, and the publisher could easily include other forms of DRM. This just puts control over DRM back in the hands of developers, and it's really not any different than PC gaming in that regard.

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@Ne-Plus-Ultra The source regarding the 21 states is a satirical piece, ala the Onion. It's not real; do you really think Microsoft would exclude 29 states from their release based on factors like obesity levels? It's a joke! :)

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@skiggy29 @Ne-Plus-Ultra

I hear ya but I think these companies do owe us, in the sense that it's our money that makes the company in the first place, I own my own company and I value all of my customers, I always try my best to give them what they want, plus I have always felt obligated to give them what they ask for and provide the best products that I can make, because without them I don't have a business. I have also been all over the forums sense E3 so I know I'm not the only one when I say this, If all consoles manufactures decided to implement DRM like MS's and also went all digital then I and many others would have no reason not to finally make the switch to PC, the only reason not to would be for exclusives and many people like myself have no problem giving up something if it means supporting what we believe in. Now when companies become large and sell their souls to the devil (stock holders) they tend to make bad decisions based on quick money and just plan greed, I owned a business that was publicly traded and luckily I held on to the majority of the shares, I had to deal all the time with people who don't know the business but want you to do things for quick profits when you know that it will hurt your company down the line but no matter what you say all they want is quick money, they don't care if it goes under and people lose their jobs all they want is to make some money then dump it before it tanks from their decisions. What I'm saying is who knows what a company will do because there are always people who only look at the money right now and there are always people who look at the companies future, so you never know but from what it looks like right now the gamers predominantly don't support DRM to this degree. Now everything could change 8-10 years from now when this gen is up but I can't see myself changing my views on this. Who knows if I'll even still be gaming, by then I'll be damn near 50 but I hope I'll be gaming till the day I die and whether that's on a console with rented and used game support or a PC I'm sure it will be fun.

Please try to reconsider your stance on companies not giving a shit about us, I know you're correct for the most part but if we just except it then it will become the standard. As of right now there are still many companies that listen to their customers and if we become complacent with whatever they do then our voice will be lost. So please always voice your opinions even if that means emailing companies you support about the direction you would like to see in their company. I know it sounds like a lost cause but you are heard. I have been following the whole DRM thing sense it was just a rumor and I decided I was going to email the CEO of Sony now and then concerning my feelings on DRM and how I believed it would hurt consoles, of course I didn't get a response, but after E3 when we all knew what Sony did I decided to email Howard Stringer CEO of Sony one more time to thank him and Sony for not going the way MS did and guess what... he responded to my email, I couldn't believe it, I had to let it sink in that he was reading my emails and he did respond to me. So please always voice your opinion to the companies you do business with and always voice your opinion through your wallet so companies can't get away with treating us like were nothing more then cattle waiting to be herded in the direction they want.

Also on another note, what do you think is going to happen with the XB1 now that it will play used games? Sense you have to copy the disc to the hard drive and now it allows used and rented games then can't you just rent a game then copy it? It sounds like MS might of just made the worst console ever when you consider how much money devs will lose, many people won't buy games when they can easily just copy them. I just hope they figure out something because I would rather it go back to the DRM then cost the gaming industry because of MS's mistakes, and who knows if this is a problem that doesn't get resolved by MS then I can see some devs deciding not to make games for the XB1 if this becomes a trend.

Avatar image for skiggy29

@Ne-Plus-Ultra Nice sources but Im willing to bet the gen after the next gen will incorporate DRM. Thats where the world is eventually headed. This next gen is probably the last gen we will see discs so everything will be digital. Its weird because Im not saying what MS "was" going to do was right but Ive read a lot of posts in the past 4 months and it almost seems like gamers, especially Sony Fanboys act like these companies owe you something.!.. What world are we from??? Companies whether gaming, cell phones, pharmacies, they dont give a shit about us!! They dont owe us shit!! The fact that MS changed its initial policies is something of a miracle!!!! They didnt have to. Prior to the 180 announcement, they were only down in pre orders 3:2 and a lot of that had to do with the amount of reserve allotments they were supplying stores. Sony was sending out almost double. The policies did not hinder reserves at all. I know because when the MS E3 conf was over I COULD NOT find a local reserve and I live in the Tampa Bay market where there are hundreds of gamestops. None of these companies owe us shit and if Sony wants to turn around in 2 yrs and start charging and incorporate DRM policies then guess what, we are all going to have to abide. They will have our sales already and we will HAVE to abide. Then moving into any next gen we will all be used to the new policies in which they enforced. PC's have been doing what MS wanted to do for years. Ever play Diablo 3? WoW? I just dont understand why people insist that these companies owe us something and that we run the gaming industry. I dont work for MS by the way....

Avatar image for JustWingin_IT

@Soul_Vanish PS3 all over again? My PS 3 worked awesome and still does. So that's just fine by me. Furthermore what standards are you referring to that the Xbox One is maintaining out of reach of the standard PS4? Data capacity? Which is negligible, the Kinect? Which is in no way a must have peripheral device. You really threw a blanket statement without supporting facts.

Avatar image for skiggy29

@JustWingin_IT @Soul_Vanish Well not really. At the initial Sony reveal, they revealed it packaged with the eye toy. Since the reveal they scrapped it so theres you $100 right there and if you wanted to buy a PS4 with an eye toy your probably going to hit the same price point as X1

Avatar image for abhisheknerdy20

Where is GTA V?

Avatar image for Sushiglutton

@abhisheknerdy20 "Games up for nomination had to be playable in some form, whether by GameSpot or during a live presentation."

Avatar image for brain56

What was your favorite part of E3?


I like that too!

Avatar image for bourne714

My personal favorite of E3 was seeing Mirror's Edge 2.

Avatar image for Snakepond1

It's funny how we rip the Xbox One for DRM and used games. But, when it comes down to it, it's all about the games. Just look at the list above and see how many games are exclusives and how many will be appearing on Xbox One. Also, not one of the games above is a PS4 exclusives. Explain to me how PS4 won the e3 2013 when no games are on this list that make you want to buy the systems? Doesn't winning e3 mean it's the system that has the best games?

Avatar image for skiggy29

@Snakepond1 I agree. MS kicked Sony's ass with games this year. The only reason why people are saying Sony won is because the VP made his smart ass remarks at the end. Stupid if you ask me because now they meant nothing. MS won E3 in my eyes. I love both companies but was utterly disappointed with Sonys showing.

Avatar image for IndoorActivist

@Snakepond1 Are you really talking about release day exclusives being the reason that Xbox was better at E3.

Why? all the Xbox has is FPS games and a yearly iteration of Forza. You say nothing of the fact that you are forced to be on a internet connected candid camera or the fact you have to pay an extra $100 for a SLOWER system. Exclusives for PS4 will come, there is still comic con and TGS so don't start slapping each others arses just yet. Naughty Dog and Quantic Dream still have things to announce so pipe down.

Avatar image for skiggy29

@IndoorActivist @Snakepond1 And what does the PS4 have?? Ryse is a pretty cool looking game and thats not a FPS. Forza isnt neither. WTF are you talking about. What does Sony have ? Killzone and infamous?? Infamous sucks... Killzone is mediocre, cant compete with BF$ and Cod Ghosts.

Avatar image for Snakepond1

@IndoorActivist @Snakepond1 Alright, let's go over day one exclusives for Xbox One Ryse (3rd person action game), Forza 5 (driving game) Dead Rising 3 (3rd person action game) and I believe Killer Instinct (fighting game) might also be day one. To be clear they're are no exclusive day one FPS for Xbox One. The only next gen system with a day one FPS is PS4. Get your facts straight.

Next argument, forced internet, camera and $100 more. What's your point? E3 2013 is about the games and let's be honest Day One Xbox One exclusives are better. Unless, you believe Knack, Drive Club and Killzone are better. In which I say your nuts.

Avatar image for skiggy29

@Snakepond1 @IndoorActivist Killer Instinct is FREE by the way!!

Avatar image for daemon9

@Snakepond1 NO.

Avatar image for Snakepond1

I love an intelligent reply. Makes me feel better for preordering an Xbox One. Thank you.

Avatar image for skiggy29

@daemon9 @Snakepond1 Sure it is!!! Exclusives are everything!! Listen to you, a Sony fanboy saying exclusives doesnt warrant a reason to spend an extra $100. Sure it does and not to mention your getting a camera which Sony initially revealed at the PS4 reveal as a packaged item but decided to scrap it since. PS4 would have been the same price if the toy was still packaged. Plus that link you want everyone to see consisted of 96.9% Sony fanboys/

Avatar image for Snakepond1

@daemon9 @Snakepond1 So I make a question asking about games being the most important factor and e3 2013 and you believe No alone is a proper response. OK, fine by me. I was always taught that there is no such thing as a stupid question just stupid answers.

Next, Microsoft has decided to make a stance and make their console online only. This is their console and if they decide to do that it is their right to. They want to protect against piracy and used games and that is their right. I for one am OK with that because 1) I have internet that never goes down for more then a day 2) with most games I buy online and used selling is not an option. 3) I like the interface and stability of Xboxlive. 4) As for $100 more let's look at the facts Microsoft is integrating the box with a Kinect 2.0. I for one do not care, but my family does. They like Dance Central, Just Dance, etc... Therefore, an all in one box is fine by me.

Avatar image for daemon9

@Snakepond1 Just because you don't like my one-word response doesn't mean it isn't intelligent. It just means out of all the questions you asked, only one deserved an answer. Just so happens that one question turned out to be a Yes or No question. And the fact, that you "feel better" about my one-word response is quite unintelligent in itself. One would think Microsoft's stance on Internet Connectivity, Game Sharing/Trade In, IP restrictions, and basically WHAT CONSUMERS THINK ==> would make you "feel better" about buying a PS4 just based on principle alone. Exclusive titles isn't a sufficient reason to spend $100 more on an XBone. If you really feel that way, then my intelligence really shouldn't be should be yours.