GameSpot Wins Armada Challenge

GameSpot and Computer Gaming World battled against each other with Activision's Armada. And guess who won?


On Friday, January 14, GameSpot and Computer Gaming World met for a 60-minute head-to-head network battle of Activision's upcoming real-time strategy game, Star Trek: Armada.

When the space dust settled, GameSpot's Elliott Chin and Greg Kasavin walked away as the winners. Activision and Computer Gaming World will donate US$2,500 each to GameSpot's chosen charity, Guide Dogs For the Blind Inc. "We came up with a strategy early on and that strategy was easy to execute," said Greg Kasavin, GameSpot reviews editor upon reflecting on the match.

Activision will also donate $2,500 to Computer Gaming World's charity, CompuMentor.

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